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Take the guesswork out of calculating your expenses! Below, you can find out what you’ll earn and owe while living in the Czech Republic, as well as what you can receive if you require Materinity leave.


Freelance payment calculator

See what you’ll pay for your social and health insurance and income tax with this quick calculator!

Net salary calculator

Find out your clean salary, tax relief and insurance payments in moments with our easy-to-use calculator!

Side job tax calculator

Determine your taxable income when earning as both an employee and a self-employed freelancer in the Czech Republic.

Employment Contract Calculator

Calculate what’s best for you: working on a full-time employment contract or freelancing on a Czech trade license.

VAT Payment Calculator

Determine the amount of VAT to add to your invoice with our VAT payment calculator for Czech-based freelancers

VAT Number Checker

Use this VAT checker to verify if a CZ or EU VAT registration number is valid.

Maternity pay calculator

Get an estimate of how much pay you could receive in the Czech Republic while you’re on maternity leave!

Paid Holiday calculator

Calculate exactly how many hours paid holiday entitlement you receive in the Czech Republic.

Parental Leave Calculator

Calculate parental leave benefits based on your monthly income and planned monthly installments.

Mortgage calculator

Find out how much your monthly mortgage payments could be on your Czech home!

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