Content Creator Tax Calculator

Calculate taxes as a content creator in the Czech Republic, including for income from YouTube, OnlyFans and other online platforms. Simply input your gross annual income from online content production, and press calculate. The results will display what you earn and what you’ll owe in personal income taxes. Outputs also compare the difference between declaring income as a hobby versus from self-employed activities. Use these to determine the best tax reporting regime for your individual situation.


Content Creator Tax Calculator


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How to use the Content Creator’s Tax Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate income taxes as a content creator in the Czech Republic. This includes for YouTubers, digital performers, OnlyFans creators, online private content providers, and content producers of other online platforms. Results will help you compare tax reporting methods when filing earnings as hobby income versus as self-employed, freelance income. Simply input your annual gross income, and press calculate. The calculator will estimate your net earnings after taxes and payments to social security and health insurance (if any).

Which income from content production is taxable?

If you sell or produce content that generates earnings online, all of it is taxable in the Czech Republic. This includes income from subscription-based content platforms, online private content, and any content that generates revenue from views or ads. Taxpayers must declare income like this as either from self-employed business activities, or as hobby income.

What’s the difference: hobby versus freelance income?

Any income from platforms where you sell content is declarable as hobby income or freelance income. However, if declaring hobby income, you cannot file using the 60/40 tax reporting method. Instead, you must report total earnings, and pay either 15% or 23% income tax depending on total income. In this case, tax discounts and bonuses can still apply. There are also no mandatory payments to social security or health insurance, and hobby income is VAT-free. On the other hand, freelance income requires a trade license and mandatory contributions to social and health. It is declarable along with all other income from freelancing using the 60/40 method.

Why is my freelancer income tax calculation zero?

Note: All personal income tax calculations include the standard taxpayer’s discount. This discount is available to all taxpayers in the Czech Republic. In 2024, the discount deducts CZK 30,840 from a tax rate of 15 - 23% based on net income. If the taxpayer’s discount is higher than taxable net income, calculator results will be zero.

How much tax do freelance content creators pay in Czechia?

If self-employed on a Czech trade license, it’s often advantageous to declare income using the 60/40 reporting method. This is for income up to a maximum of CZK 2 million, and provides taxpayers a 60% expense allowance. In this case, the taxpayer deducts 60% from gross annual income without needing to provide proof of any real expenses. The remaining 40% is then taxable, at either the standard 15% or 23% rate depending on total earnings.

Example of the 60/40 tax reporting method

Using the 60/40 method, let’s say you earned CZK 300,000 gross as a self-employed content creator last year. 60% of this will be cost allowance, amounting to fixed expenses of 180,000. The remaining 40% is taxable income, in this case CZK 120,000. Thus, the calculation becomes: 120,000 (taxable income) - 15% (tax rate) = CZK 18,000 (tax amount). However, there is still the basic taxpayer’s discount you claim. Thus, the final calculation in this individual case becomes: 18,000 (tax amount) - 30,840 (taxpayer’s discount) = CZK 0 (final tax amount).

What can I deduct from personal income taxes?

It’s only possible to deduct business expenses on a personal income tax report if filing using ‘real expenses’. In this case, the 60/40 reporting method cannot apply. Thus, it’s important to consider if your real expenses are truly higher than 60% of gross annual income. Usually, you will find this is not the case. This is especially true for those who earn solely as content creators, such as YouTubers and OnlyFans creators. It also applies to freelancers in consultancy, sales, and IT industries. These freelancers tend to have less business expenses, and thus find the 60/40 method more advantageous.

I want to start freelancing. How do I start?

If you want to start freelancing in the Czech Republic, you need to register a trade license (Živnostenský list). The Czech fair trade license is necessary to both officially invoice clients and to declare income from self-employed business activities. It registers the freelancer for specific business activities, and provides tax and business identification to invoice goods or services. Need help creating legal invoices, in Czech or English? Try Pexpat’s free, Czech Online Invoice Generator for automated, hassle-free invoicing.

How much are social security and health insurance?

When you start freelancing, you pay only the minimum monthly social and health deposits for the first year. After this year, the Financial Office may then require you to pay any remaining balance depending on your total income. Mandatory social insurance contributions are 29.2% from half of annual net income. Health insurance is 13% from half of annual net income. Thus, if you earn higher than what the minimum deposits cover, always consider paying higher deposits voluntarily. This will help to offset any remaining balance you might incur by the end of the year.

Can I declare income from content creation in EUR or USD?

Yes, it is possible to invoice in EUR or in USD. However, always add a note onto invoices stating the exchange rate from the Czech National Bank (CNB) on the date of issue. For example, an invoice label may state: “on 1.1.2024, the exchange rate of 1 EUR = 24.52 CZK.” In this way, you will be able to accurately and easily report earnings for your tax return in Czech koruna.

How can I calculate net income from crypto / capital gains?

In general, crypto or capital gains net income derives from subtracting the original purchase price and transaction fees from the final sales price. This may include the difference between mining costs and revenue from it, or profit from inherited / donated assets. It is also the difference of production costs (service, exchange), and revenues from any sales. The remainder is the tax base (taxable net income), which tax rates of 15% to 23% then apply. To better understand crypto and capital gains taxes, consider using Pexpat’s online Crypto and Capital Gains Tax Calculator .

Do I pay taxes and insurance as a student?

Students earning less than CZK 86 000 annually do not pay any taxes or contributions to social and health insurance.

Advantages to content creator taxes in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a popular country for internationals to work and save on taxes as freelance or hobby content creators. For one, the taxes on Czech-based freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs aren’t as high as in other EU countries. It’s also easy to declare income from content production as hobby income in addition to other earnings. If freelancing, taxes are also minimal, and there is the flat tax option that can simplify taxes even further. Curious to learn more? Czech out our a flat tax registration services to see what makes most sense for you.

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