Tax Refund Doc Generator

Generate a legal document of declaration for Czech tax authorities to claim tax deductibles for marriage status or child-rearing.

Claim spouse or child discounts

Fill in the name of your spouse, their residency details, their date of birth, and add children if applying for a child tax reduction.

What are the most common deductibles in the Czech Republic?

The most common deductibles include discounts for mortgage interest, donations, pension insurance, and life insurance. Other common discounts are for rearing a dependent child (or children), deductions for a non-working spouse, and for payments to kindergartens.

What are the conditions on tax discounts for a non-working spouse?

A non-working spouse must not have income exceeding CZK 68 000 for the taxable calendar year. If the spouse meets this condition, the taxpayer claiming the non-working spouse is eligible for a discount of CZK 24 840. For a non-working spouse who holds a ZTP / P card, the discount is CZK 49 680.

What documents do I need to claim a non-working spouse?

To claim a non-working spouse, you need to submit the spouse’s identifying information, and the spouse should make an affidavit. The affidavit declares that the income of the non-working spouse did not exceed CZK 68 000 over the taxable year.

Who is eligible to receive the child tax discount?

The state will not require you to pay income tax if you are claiming benefits for children. In fact, you may even receive money from the state. This money comes as a tax bonus if your tax benefit exceeds the income tax you owe after calculations.

How many parents can apply for the child tax discount?

Only one parent can apply for a child tax discount for a dependent child (or children). Discounts apply for a first child, a second child, or for a third child and subsequent children. Tax discounts for child-rearing are:

  • The first child: CZK 15 204
  • A second child: CZK 22 320
  • The third child and subsequent children: CZK 27 840
  • For a child (children) who hold a ZTP / P card: Double the applicable tax benefit Note: All tax discount amounts are subject to change from year-to-year. Always check the amount for the year you are filing.

What documents do I need to claim a child tax discount?

To claim a tax discount for a dependent child or children, the taxpayer should submit an affidavit from the other parent. The affidavit is to confirm that only one parent is claiming the tax discount for the child / children. It must confirm that the other parent is not claiming any child tax discount. You will also need the birth certificate of the child or children. If the child or children hold a ZTP / P card, you will also submit confirmation for additional tax benefits.

When is the deadline to file Czech income taxes?

You must file the Czech tax return for the current year by 31 March. This is the last day to file a tax return for the previous fiscal year.

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