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Temporary Residence for EU family member
The legal status of Non-EU citizen who is a family member of EU citizen.
Temporary Residency Certificate for EU citizens
We do complete preparation of your paperwork , arrangement of your birth number, applying under power of attorney, full support during the process and during collection of the certificate.
Permanent Residence for EU citizens
We do complete preparation of your paperwork, and proof of your continuous 5 years stay, arranging both appointment including full support.
Czech Foreign Police registration
Mandatory registration of EU citizens after arrival to the Czech Republic within 30 days.
Czech Partnership visa
Residence permit in the Czech Republic for unmarried couples.
Proposal to extent your Výzva for having more time to complete the file.
Permanent residency for Temporary residency holders
Biometric card for British citizens after Brexit
Card with the facial picture and fingerprints data.
Residency address change
Mandatory notification of the Ministry of Interior of your moving to another apartment/house within 30 days.
Freelancer Visa for UK citizens
Long-term residence permit with the purpose of staying "business" based on the trade license.
Czech Long-Term Visa for UK Citizens
Visa for more than 90 days with the specific purpose of staying.
Registration of Public Insurance for Permanent Residency holders
Mandatory registration for Public Insurance in the Czech Republic after obtaining a permanent residence permit.
Permanent residency based on partnership visa
You are eligible for permanent residency after holding partnership visa for 5 years ( 2 Years if you have a Czech partner )
Registering a new passport
If your passport is expiring or got lost, it mandatory to notify it to the Ministry of interior within the 30 days.
Consultation is a meeting which is held to discuss any of your questions.
Temporary residence for British citizens
The legal status of British citizens in the Czech Republic.