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Invoicing your clients in the Czech Republic is hassle-free with our Czech invoicing tool. Simply enter the details for you and your client, and the generator takes care of the rest! Easily download invoices, and even choose to create invoices in English or in Czech.

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How to make an invoice using the invoicing tool?

There are a few main elements of an invoice you’ll always need to include, like your name, IČO, bank account number, and address, as well as this same information for your client. To use our invoice generator all you need to do is enter the information into the fields and the invoice is created!

What are the Benefits of using an invoice generator?

Pexpat’s invoice generator is fully free of charge.

How to make an invoice using the invoice generator?

You can download your invoice, attach it in an email and send it to your client. Or, you can directly send it to your client by clicking the “send invoice” button.

Can I create an invoice in another language?

The application generates the invoice in English by default. If you need to create one in the Czech language, then you can simply change the invoice language to Czech. Also, if it is not mandatory for your client, we recommend making the invoices in Czech. It would help to keep your tax paperwork easier for your accountant. Some accountants or tax office employees might not understand English.

What is the due date of an invoice?

Each invoice should have a due date, which is the latest date when it should be paid. According to Czech law it is suggested to give a due date of 15 days for the payment.

Can I invoice in other currencies?

As a Czech company or Czech freelancer you can invoice in any currency but you should always include the exchange rate of the Czech National Bank ( in a small description. For example, you are invoicing 1,000 EUR on 1.2.2022, you should add on your invoice this description: Exchange rate CNB 1 EUR = 25.56 CZK on 1.2.2022.

Can I add VAT tax if I invoice EU companies?

There is a reverse charge mechanism in the EU. So, if you are invoicing an EU registered business or EU company as a Czech freelancer, then you shouldn’t charge VAT. If it is your first invoice, don't forget to register for light VAT within 15 days after you issue your first invoice.

Should I sign and stamp the invoice?

As long as invoices are in pdf format, you don't need to sign them.

What is the ICO?

ICO is the Czech business number. Each Czech freelancer or company has their own ICO number. Our online invoicing tool fills out yours and the subscribers information automatically.

How to set up the right invoice number?

We suggest numbering your invoices increasing from 0 and year of the invoice. For example, your first invoice in the Czech Republic for 2022 would be 012022.

What are the essential elements of an invoice in the Czech Republic?

There are a few main elements of an invoice. Some of these inputs are necessary, while others are extra or used only for customization.

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