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Paid Holiday Calculator

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Statutory work leave with pay is separate from vacation days in the Czech Republic. Employees receive 21 work days holiday entitlement total, and also get paid work leave for life circumstances and national holidays.
As of January 1st, paid holiday entitlement in the Czech Republic is now in hours instead of days. A typical holiday allowance for employees working under an employment contract is approximately 4 weeks annually. Holiday entitlements may be longer if the employee and employer make a collective agreement. For certain groups of workers (public administration, autonomous public bodies, contributory organizations), there is a 5-week paid holiday entitlement. Other groups (teachers and academic staff) receive 8 weeks.
Employees receive a holiday allowance after working for at least 60 days. However, if the employee performs for a shorter time, they can take 1/12 of the total annual leave entitlement. Holiday periods are determined by agreement between the employer and the employee (or trade union). Every employee can take at least two consecutive weeks of paid holiday.
There are now two factors to calculate total paid vacation time for employees in the Czech Republic. The first is how long the employee has worked for the employer. The second is total annual working hours. If an employee takes for example one day off, they then deduct 8 hours from their total holiday allowance. How much paid vacation time remains depends again on the employment status of the employee.

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