Job seeker visa

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If you successfully complete the University or research you have the possibility to apply for a job seeker visa/start a business visa.
We provide support with every aspect of your application including preparing all your paperwork and setting up mandatory health insurance.

What’s in your Job Seeker visa Package?

  • Complete arrangement of your application for a long-term residence for the purpose of job-seeking or starting a business
  • Booking of your appointment at the Czech embassy
  • Monitoring of your immigration status with regular updates
  • Arrangement of compulsory health insurance
  • Fast and clear answers to all your questions

What you need to provide

  1. Passport
  2. A document on successful completion of university studies or a document on completion of research issued by the relevant research
  3. Two (2) passport ID-sized photos*
  4. A bank account statement showing a balance of 93 000 CZK**
  5. Confirmation of your legal accommodation
  6. Health Insurance***
*Photos should be in color and 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm with a white background.
**This should be an original document or scanned copy issued by your bank with a stamp and signature. It may take the form of a letter.
***If you don’t have Czech health insurance, we’re happy to arrange it for you.


  1. Let us know you’re interested in getting your job-seeking visa/starting a business visa;
  2. Send us a scan of the proof of accommodation or rent contract;
  3. Send us a scan of your passport;
  4. We will arrange all documents for your application;
  5. We’ll arrange your mandatory health insurance;
  6. Your visa’s APPROVED;
  7. We will book an appointment for your biometric card and accompany you to the immigration office;
  8. We will accompany you to the collection of your biometric card.


15 800

Complete service amount

"Good work ain't cheap. Cheap work ain't good." Sailor Jerry

Additional expenses

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2 500

Ministry of the Interior processing stamps

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Legal copy per page