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Difference between bank statement and bank certificate

One of the important requirements for visa/residence permit application for Non-EU citizens is to show "Proof of funds". You can prove it in several ways:
  1. Show your Bank Certificate/Letter with a minimum of 93 000 CZK - 110 000 CZK (2021) for 1 year staying in the Czech Republic (depends on purpose of staying);
  2. Show the confirmation from the University of receiving the scholarship. It is possible only for those who have the type of visa 23 and 24 with the purpose of staying "Study";
  3. If you are working, to show your salary, which has to be a minimum wage in the Czech Republic.
The second and the third ways are to obtain, you must contact your University or specific department at your work.
The difficulties can appear for those who are proving the funds with the Bank Certificate/Letter. Most people are confused between Bank Statement and Bank Certificate/Letter. The Bank Statement is a normal statement which you can download online from your banking with the detailed information of your transactions for a specific period. When the Bank Certificate/Letter is issued only by the bank after requesting it in person. The Bank Certificate/Letter is only 1 page with the information of a bank account holder and the current amount of money (you can see the difference in the picture).

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