Proof of funds for Czech Business visa renewal

Dear PraguExpats,

If you hope to extend your business visa or long-term residency in 2019, make sure that you don’t forget about any income invoicing for your annual tax report 2018.

Your proof of income will be your annual tax report for 2018 for your visa extensions in 2019!

The Immigration office has a fixed income calculation. If you are single, your final monthly income should be at least 18 000 CZK according to your annual tax report for 2018.


For family couples or families with children, clean income calculations are as follows


1.The amount of the subsistence minimum

According to Government Regulation No. 409/2011 Coll. , the amount of the subsistence minimum for an individual is 3 410 CZK.


The amount of the subsistence minimum of a person who is determined to be first in order is CZK 3140 a month.

The monthly amount of the subsistence minimum of a person who is determined to be second in order is


CZK 2 830 for a person over 15 years, who is not a dependent child,

CZK 2 450 for a dependent child from 15 to 26 years,

CZK 2 140 for a dependent child from 6 to 15 years

CZK 1 740 for a dependent child under 6 years.


2.Costs for housing * updated January 1st, 2019


The highest amount of normative costs for housing since 1 January 2017 according to Government Regulation No. 449/2016 Coll. is:


CZK 8 233 for one person

CZK 11 444  for two people in a family

CZK 15 288 for three people in a family

CZK 18 805 for four and more people in a family
And you should add 2189 CZK for social tax monthly and VZP Health insurance 2024 CZK ( if you are US citizen) monthly.


For example; You are a family of US citizens living in the Czech Republic, you, your spouse and 4 years old child. Your clean income should be as follows:


Subsistence minimum 7 710 CZK + Costs for housing 15 116 CZK= 22 816 CZK

And if it is your first visa renewal you should add 4378 CZK social tax (in case both parents are business visa holders under trade license) and 4048 health insurance (in case both parents are business visa holders under trade license).

So the amount 31 242 CZK is your family’s monthly income according to immigration office calculation. And amount 31 242 CZK x 12 months= 374 904 this should be your minimum annual income after income taxes for 2018.


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