Extensions of permits and visas

Freelancer visa extension services

PraguExpats provides complex services at a fixed fee. The process is completed under the power of attorney and you won’t need to visit the authorities and  immigration office except for bridge visa and biometric card procedure.

Checklist of PraguExpats

  1. Indebtless confirmation from Social tax office
  2. Indebtless confirmation from VZP/OZP(US citizens only)
  3. Indebtless confirmation from Financial tax office
  4. Indebtless confirmation from Custom’s office
  5. Income proof – Platební výměr( tax filling) for last year
  6. Social tax payment statements
  7. Health insurance payment statements( US citizens only)
  8. Application form

All the documents and confirmations  will be arranged under power of attorney and fees will be paid by PraguExpats.

Checklist of the Client

  1. Passport
  2. 2 ID size photos
  3. Accommodation proof for 2 years from legal owner
  4. Health Insurance card( US citizens only). Comprehensive health insurance for Non-US citizens. We can arrange Axa,Maxima, Uniqa and VZP with retail discount Check here

Process and steeps (approximately 4 months)

  1. Visa renewal application-  Under Power of attorney
  2. Arranging the bridge visa – We will accompany you
  3. Trade license extension- Under Power of attorney
  4. Second bridge visa – We will accompany you
  5. Trade license extension- Under Power of attorney
  6. Biometric card appointment – We will make an appointment
  7. Collecting the biometric card- We will accompany you
  8. Final trade license extension- Under Power of attorney


Complete Service fee including trade license office fees- 14 000 CZK

The  service fee can be paid by instalments!

Immigration office fee which should be paid at once the date of application according to new rules( since 1.8.2019) – 2 500 CZK

If your family members are extending thier family visas under your freelancer visa,

The service fee for your spouse’s visa/residency extension – 5000 CZK

The service fee for your kid’s visa/residency extension- Free

We highly reccomend to start visa/residency extensions at least 4 months before the current one expires. You will avoid long processing time.