How to arrange legal copy of original documents?

If you are applying for any type of visa in the Czech Republic, you will need to give many documents, for example, Work contact, Rental contract. Since you will not give the original one, you should make a legalized copy.

Making a legal copy of your document is easy. No need to visit the notary. You can do it at any post office. The service that you should choose is Czech Point, and it is called in Czech – Ověřování dokumentu and you should say at the window ‘potřebuje úředně ověřit listinu’.

If you want to have a document legalized, you don’t have to bring your own copy of the document: it will be copied (up to the maximum A4 format) by the post office personnel.

The cost of the post office service is about 33 kč per page. In case if you are able to leave the original documents to us, we can arrange legal copies from the post office.

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