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Benefits for Paternity Leave

Some of the benefits are the same for all parents, depending on income, some other benefits are considering the family’s economic situation.

Parental allowance (rodičovský příspěvek). It is a form of support for families who has small children. Basically, it is for parents who care for the youngest child (no older than 4 years old). Biological parents, foster parents, or court-ordered guardians are eligible for this benefit. But one parent can apply for it!

If you are an adoptive or biological parent with employment or residence in the Czech Republic (EU, EEA, or Swiss nationals), you are eligible for parental allowance when you provide full-time regular care for a child who is no older than 4 years old. You can receive payment only for the youngest child in the family.
You can claim the allowance if your child attends kindergarten. Also, you have a right to work and receive this benefit.

A parent is entitled to claim a maximum benefit of 300 000 CZK until the child reaches 4 years old. In the case of 2 children (twins or multiple births), the amount will be 450 000 CZK.

A parent has a right to decide how it will be paid. It is also, possible to pay monthly:

The period in which the benefit is received Monthly amount
19 months CZK 15.789
29 months CZK 10.345
43 months CZK 6.977

Paternity leave (dávka otcovské poporodní péče – otcovská) you can get under sickness insurance as of 1 February 2018. The main requirement for entitlement is participation in sickness insurance at the start of paternity leave. It can be granted to the father if the child was born after 20 December 2017. Fathers will take care of their child or insured foster parents take care of their foster child if he/she is under 7 years old from the beginning of the foster care. Paternity leave should begin within 6 weeks after the birth of the child or stating of adoptive care.

Child allowance (přídavek na dítě) (the information was taken from the official website)

It is for families with an income that is less than the living minimum:

First adult in the household CZK 3.140
Second adult in the household (not a child) CZK 2.830
Dependent child, under the age of 6 CZK 1.740
Dependent child, aged 6-15 CZK 2.140
Dependent child, aged 15-26 CZK 2,450


Family Total living minimum Threshold income
Two adults, child, aged 5 CZK 7,710 CZK 20,817
Two adults, children, aged 5 and 8 CZK 9,850 CZK 26,595
Two adults, children, aged 5, 8, and 12 CZK 11,990 CZK 32,373

The benefit for paternity leaves up to 70% of the reduced daily basis of assessment per calendar day. The daily assessment base is defined as sickness insurance benefits and it is calculated on the basis of the average daily earning over the past 12 months and is reduced if above a specific amount:

Daily-earnings Share included in the daily assessment base
Up to CZK 1.090 100%
CZK 1.090 – CZK 1.635 60%
CZK 1.636 - CZK 3.270 30%
More than CZK 3.270 0%

Employees have to apply for paternity leave only through their employers. Regarding the self-employed persons, they should submit their applications directly to the District Social Security Administration (Česká správa sociálního zabezpečení) where they are registered.

The benefit is paid in 3 instalments, but it depends on the age of the child. The benefit amount depends on income:

Child's age Benefit amount basic Benefit amount increased
Up to 6 years old CZK 500 CZK 800
aged 6-15 CZK 610 CZK 910
aged 15-26 CZK 700 CZK 1.000

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