7 biggest and fatal mistakes of expats which shouldn’t happen

1. Registration with Czech foreign policy.

Every expat (person with citizenship outside of Czech Republic) should register with foreign policy within 3 days of arrival and EU member expats within 30 days

2. Overstaying of US citizens in the EU before visa approval in the Czech embassy.

Czech embassy may invite you for an interview serval months after you apply for your long term visa. Overstaying will be the main reason for your visa application rejection.

3. Fake accommodation proof.

The person should be registered at the apartment or house where they live and it is also the legal responsibility of the home’s owner to provide the accommodation proof. MOI offices and embassies have a long list of fake accommodation providers which can be the main reason for visa approval or renewal rejection.

4.Insufficient income funds.

Make sure your income is sufficient for your visa renewal. There is the official calculation of income by MIO.

5. Extend your trade license BEFORE it expires.

Your trade license always expires with your residency permit or bridging visas and you should always be extended with your new residency or new bridge visa sticker, otherwise, It WILL be canceled and you will have to go through the new trade license registration process again and it may negatively affect your visa renewal.

6. Extend your visa on time.

The Czech visa renewal deadlines are very strict and if you don’t apply for visa renewal before the current one expires, you lose the chance to extend it.

 7.Bad communication with authorities.

Make sure you have your full name on your postal box. In the case of misunderstandings and missing of some documents in your visa renewal process, the immigration office sends you a letter with a proposal. They may ask to attach some missing documents with a deadline date. If you don’t have your name on the postal box, you don’t receive any letter and you may not know about the cancellation of your visa process.


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