The Czech language exams for permanent residency applicants

Czech language exams and the awarded Certificate for a successful pass are the main requirements for obtaining permanent residency in the Czech Republic for citizens from outside the EU. The level of the examination is A1 and it is the most basic level using phrases and conversations in our everyday life in the Czech Republic.

The total duration of the examination is 90 minutes and it is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1

Reading                                            25 minutes
Listening                                          35-40 minutes
Writing                                             15 minutes

Each section is worth a maximum of 20 points. An applicant should earn at least 12 points in each section. The applicant who does not earn at least 60% of each part (reading, listening, writing) will not be allowed to participate in the second part.

Part 2

Oral examination                                   10 minutes.

During the oral examination, you will have a conversation according to a photo or describe a situation in the photo.

A certificate proving the required knowledge of the Czech language is not required

who is under 15 years old,

studied at least one academic year in the elementary school or high school, or had studied university in the Czech language,

has a physical or mental handicap affecting his/her ability to communicate

who is over 60 years old

citizens of the EU

temporary residency holders as EU family member.

The First Examination is paid by the government and is for free. You will only need to obtain a VOUCHER from MIO immigration offices. In case you could not pass the exam the first time, you will have to pay 1500 CZK for another attempt.

The Czech language is one of the hardest European languages. We highly recommend finding good private Czech teachers, schools which are focused on these tests or communicating and practicing it with local people. Locals like teaching foreigners to their languages.

Useful links

 Free interactive-model exam of the year 2018 can be tried here

Schools that are authorized examination centers here

Addresses of Czech MIO immigration offices where you can collect your voucher here.

Author’s own experience: 

I relocated to Prague in 2007 as a student of the international university. As my studies were in English and most people spoke basic English in Prague, I didn’t find the Czech language so important. After 3 years of living and studying in Prague, I understood that I would definitely live the next ten years 10 in Prague. I decided to learn Czech in order to understand the locals and to apply for Permanent residency in the future. I took 3 months of Czech classes but it did not improve my Czech that much. Perhaps, the school was focusing more on Czech grammar.

So I tried to learn it by myself. I was watching the evening news on TV every day, listening to the Czech radio even if I did not understand at the beginning. I was learning two new words every day and repeated them every morning from my notes. In one year, I had come to learn more than 700 words!

With my vocabulary improved, I then decided to learn Grammar. I was inspired to read my favorite author, Vlastimil Styblík, author of many elementary schools textbooks. Later, I passed the exam for Permanent residency and 5 years later the exam for Czech citizenship

What is your experience with learning Czech or exams for Permanent residency?

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