The flu season has begun in the Czech Republic.

The number of respiratory diseases cases has already risen to epidemic proportions. There are 1,715 cases per 100,000 patients. Epidemic “status” is given at 1500 cases. Last Friday the country’s Chief Hygienist, Eva Gottvald, announced that in the past week, the number of patients rose almost one fifth. The highest mortality rate from the flu was reported from the Plzeňský, Liberecký, Jihomoravský and Moravskoslezský regions.

Last season, in 2017/2018, with a rampant severe flu, more than 600 people deaths in the hospital country-wide, about 260 were influenza related. Most of the Major hospitals in the Czech Republic are closed to visitors whose family members are staying in hospital. If you are using public transportation it is highly recommended to wash your hands with soap and warm after arriving home or before you consuming food.

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