We are deeply passionate about making your life as easy as we can. We strive to do everything we can to make this happen. Read below for some happy customers of ours.

Your Team,


I was extremely happy with the reliable service and support provided by PraguExpats. Given how challenging and frustrating my ‘case’ was and having been misled and sent around in circles, the personalized support given by Veronika and Petra was refreshing. They really took the time to research and provide me with the most accurate information as possible to help me obtain all my legal documents. Thank you.


Being a professor is no guarantee against the insanity of Czech bureaucracy. Despite spending years learning Czech, I was still unprepared for the difficulties of relocation—struggling for days to make sense of paperwork and visa requirements that seemed impossible to satisfy. Thank goodness I asked Petra and Veru at PraguExpats for help before it was too late.

PraguExpats helped me navigate the confusing world of Czech immigration and with the best customer service any client could want. Unlike other immigration firms I talked to, they responded quickly to all of my emails and phone calls, reminded me when important deadlines were coming up, and consulted with experts on more difficult areas of my case for me. They even saved my skin when all hope seemed lost during my meeting with the foreign police.

For my money, there is no better firm for immigration and translation services in Prague. I whole-heartedly recommend PraguExpats to anyone interested in relocating or having problems relocating to the Czech Republic.


The Team of PraguExpats are meticulous, yet incredibly pleasant to deal with. If you give them a project you know it will be done efficiently, precisely and on time and with no hassle. You can clearly tell you they are differentiating themselves through time to delivery and quality and this makes it clear they are driving for that next level of excellence. I would have no doubts in my mind recommending PraguExpats to any person or organisation that is in need of support with either just settling in Prague for the first time, or have been here a while already but need a professional to support them on local legislation etc.


I thought I had the Visa process pretty well organized, but when the time came around to renew my Visa there were so many offices to visit and documents to get, that I thought everything would be a lot easier if I just had somebody to do it all for me. Luckily I found Praguexpats. With Veronika and Petra’s help I got everything quickly done. Plus they showed me how to save money.


As an expat abroad, help with immigration mandates is crucial. Prague Expats is an excellent company that lives up to their slogan. They make life easier with any immigration process and they are very resourceful with any due date. They have helped me so much and made the possibly of getting my visa and trade license a reality. Thanks Prague Expats!


PraguExpats have provided me with continuous support, help and advice in dealing with Visa issues in the Czech Republic as a US citizen. The knowledge and dedication to service has been extremely helpful to creating a business in Prague and would highly recommend their services.


I have hired pexpats to help me with my residence permit documents and several more bureaucratic issues in the Czech Republic complicated and huge bureaucratic system. What I liked in their service is that not only they knew the material – what document I need to bring on what format where exactly to go according to my address etc – but also they gave me very friendly and warm service making me feel that they can just do everything for me and help with any issue or problem I will run into while getting settled in the Czech Republic. Not only its not easy to find some good professionals here but even harder to get such a welcoming and friendly attitude and with very good rates. Well Done !!


My name is Daphne Navarro, I came to the Czech Republic a year ago and fell in love with Prague and decided to come and live here for a while, I am a US citizen and didn’t know too much about immigration law in the CZ, so I decided to contact a professional to help me on this process. A friend of mine told me about PraguExpats and since I contacted them over the internet from the US they have been very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They took care of my case until the last detail and they were always willing to give the best costumer service. Their professionalism and knowledge made me feel relaxed about the process. I am very thankful to PraguExpats employees not only for their services but also for their friendship.


The women at Pragexpats are wonderfully kind and helpful. I came to Veronika with a problem I had been struggling with for months and she was able to help me sort it out within a couple of days. They are always willing to meet face to face and get back to calls, emails, and texts very quickly. The most helpful part is that they are prepared to try anything to help you. They are very organized and efficient. Because they were willing to take their time with me and be as thorough as possible, I felt like I had their full attention and my business was important to them. I would definitely recommend working with Petra and Veronika, they do make life as an expat in Prague easier. Thanks girls!


I approached PraguExpats with a complex and difficult visa situation that I was dealing with at the time. They approached the problem with enthusiasm in finding out exactly what documents and steps were needed to complete it. I was extremely happy with the personal, efficient and timely service that was provided to me throughout the entire process. I highly recommend them to anyone that requires assistance in dealing with the maze that is Czech bureaucracy.”

I thought that I had a unique and difficult problem in acquiring a Czech residence permit until Veronika and Petra came to my rescue.
They were able to reassure me and get me through the process with their gracious and effective personal service.
But it wasn’t so easy and my partner and I are really grateful for their tenacity and experience.
We have now recommended them to a friend who comes with another big problem to solve… and we trust that if it
can be solved at all, Veronika and Petra are the ones to do it!

Veronika and Petra are two of the kindest people I have met here in Prague. When I needed someone to help me get all of my papers in order, they told me what I had to do and they stayed on me until I got them gathered for them to turn in to the proper offices.

Communication with them, is like you are the only one that is being helped by the two of them, even though they have many more clients.

Im still here in Prague because of these two ladies, as I have been working on getting my business together for a long time, with promises from others that fell through; But with PraguExpats, they handled business quickly and efficiently. When other people claimed they were helping out but gave me the runaround… not these to ladies, PraguExpats didn’t waste any time; they are pure efficiency with a touch of care.


As I’m writing this review here after having successfully and easily received my work Visa I can say that I couldn’t have been happier with my experience with PraguExpats! They meet you at your convenience, make sure you have everything you need for the process and are the warmest and kindest friends on top of it all. They are prompt with emails and a delight to talk with in person. Without a doubt I would recommend their service for anyone attempting to work and make their stay here! I couldn’t have done it without them.