The real purpose of stay VS cheating the Czech immigration system

Some third-country nationalities hope to receive EU residency permits as an investment or as convenience even if they really don’t want to live in the Czech Republic. What they don’t realize is that the system is designed to detect those who have ulterior motives.
So here are the most common situations.

1.Millionaire from Dubai

This is the person who wants to register a company and obtain a business visa. She will not be living actually living in the Czech Republic and the company will not have any activity. It is a false business entity.
To renew the business visa, He visits Prague every 2 years.  It seems like a great plan but it doesn’t work. There are 2 problems.

Problem 1: The likelihood that he will pass the interview at the Czech embassy is not high. He doesn’t have any business partners, a real business plan, or even a real business. Authorities will investigate all these aspects of the business through questions and documentation.

Problem 2: Even if he has luck and gets a business visa, it cannot be renewed if the company doesn’t have any legit activities or earning income.  There must be an official income for the CEO of a company. Therefore if the company pays out the salary plus all social, financial taxes and health insurance.  He will be spending thousands of Euros monthly from his pocket (there is a 45% difference between super gross and clean salary); authorities will catch this detail. When he tries to renew the business visa after a couple of years, it will be rejected.

2.Wolf of Wall Street

This person is a financial and marketing expert in the US. Most of the work she/he does is online; so working in Prague is not necessary. This person only wants to live in Prague for a couple of years and register a trade license for easily obtaining a business visa.

Problem: This person will spend thousands of US dollars for all the visa and relocation services. It is not an investment, but an expenditure.
She/he will get your visa but it cannot be renewed because there will not any activities or invoices registered in the Czech Republic. Proof of funds will be missing in your visa renewal file and your visa renewal file will be rejected.

3. New Boyfriend from last Friday

The love from first sight may exist. But, it is not sufficient for applying and obtaining a Partner visa(Temporary residency of the EU family member)

Problem: Paragraph 87 of the immigration law book states the relationship must be permanent!

After applying for the temporary residency, this person will receive a rejection letter a week because there is not enough evidence of a permanent relationship. If this is a real, lasting relationship, a year later for better results.

Be warned! Each foreigner must have a real and legal purpose of stay! If you think that getting a residency permit is easy and you can cheat the system, think again. If you don’t wish to reside in the Czech Republic, but think you can get away with applying under false pretenses, don’t even try. Your story will be transparent to authorities and rejection is highly probable.

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