Zivno/trade license cancellation

Are you a Czech trade licence (živno) holder in the Czech republic who’s returned to your home country? Or have you found employment and plan to stop freelance work? In these situations, it’s important that you de-activate your trade licence and inform all the relevant authorities. This will prevent any misunderstandings and unexpected debts to the health insurance and social security offices. 

We take care of all the steps needed to deactivate and deregister your Czech trade licence using a power of attorney. You don’t have to visit any trade licence or tax authorities.

What you get in your Zivno cancellation package?

  • Complete trade licence deregistration and deactivation
  • Unregistration from: Tax Office, Social Security Office and Public health insurance
  • Fast, clear answers to all your questions

PLUS we take care of all of the authorities’ fees.

What you need to provide

1- Passport and scan of your passport

2- Your IČO

3- Power of attorney signed at our office

The service fee of the full Czech Trade licence cancellation package is 2,500 CZK.

Next Steps

  1. Book your appointment with us. Bring the documents you need to provide.
  2. Sign the Power of attorney for your cancellation
  3. We take care of the entire deregistration process in 24 hours (72 hours if it’s the weekend).

We are also able to arrange cancellation of your Czech trade license online remotely.