Wedding License

Do you want to get married in the Czech Republic? We will try our best to make it as pleasant as possible…

What stays the same:

    • You can marry either through a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony
    •  Two adult witnesses must be present at the ceremony

How and where to apply:

    • First, decide on the place and intended date of  marriage
    • In case of a civil marriage, contact the Office of Vital Records under the jurisdiction of which the place selected for the marriage falls (further information will be provided by the Office of Vital Records).
    • in case of a religious marriage, contact the authorized person in charge of the particular church or religious community
    •  you should book your wedding date 3 months in advance
    • you will need a certified translator
    • all documents need to be apostilled (legalized/superlegalized) and translated into the Czech language by a certified translator
    •  all the required documents need to be at the Office of Vital Records at least 30 days prior to the ceremony

Documents required by the Vital Record office:

    • His and her birth certificate;
    • a document proving both his and her nationality;
    • a certificate proving his and her legal competence to enter into marriage – which may not be, as of the date of the marriage, older than six months;
    • a certificate proving his and her personal status and residence if such certificates can be issued by the country concerned;
    • the death certificate of any deceased spouse, if the foreign national is a widow(er); such certificate is not required if this fact is included in the certificate on legal competence to enter into marriage;
    • a final and conclusive judgment on divorce with regard to any previous marriage if the foreign national concerned is divorced;
    • a certificate proving that the marriage will be accepted as valid, if it is concluded by a proxy;
    • a final and conclusive judgment  terminating a registered partnership or a death certificate of any deceased partner, if the foreign national lived in a partnership;
    • proof of identity
    • confirmation of your status as a legal resident in the Czech republic issued by the immigration office not older than 7 days
    • Vital Records form


    • Marriage between two foreigners is 3.000 CZK
    • Marriage between one foreigner and one person with permanent residence in the Czech Republic 2.000 CZ

Items listed under b) through d) may be contained in one single document. Citizenship can be proven by a passport.

We offer you full assistance from booking a date at the Office of Vital Records, completing the application and required documents, arranging a translator, being present at the ceremony for the price of 4.000 CZK (excluding authority fees, translation, and notary fees).

Congratulations from PraguExpats on your first big step together!

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