Long-term residence permit

You can apply for a long term residence permit if you have been staying in the Czech Republic under long stay visa (over 90 days) and intend to reside in the Czech Republic for another period longer than 6 months based on the same purpose of stay (for more information see the Long term stay section.

The application for long-term residence must be submitted at Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic – in the Department of Immigration and Asylum Policy (you apply at the different office – based on your address here in the Czech republic)

You will have to submit in most cases these documents:

          • A travel document;
          • 2 photographs;
          • A completed form;
          • Funds to cover the cost of stay in the territory or proof of regular income (different amount for each purpose);
          • A document confirming the purpose of stay in the territory of the Czech Republic;
          • A document confirming the availability of accommodation for the period of stay in the territory of the Czech Republic:
          • An excerpt from the Penal register („criminal record“, „criminal history background“ – upon request)
          • Travel medical insurance
          • Fee for submission of the application

The decision on the permission of long-term residence permit shall be issued in 60 – 270 days according to the purpose of long-term residence permit.

For the first application, you have to apply in person. For the extension, we can apply for you with a power of attorney.

Our fee for the long-term residence permit is 14.000 CZK

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

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