Driving License

Czech driver’s license assistance

EU citizens and citizens of some countries can exchange their driver’s license which was obtained from their home country

PraguExpats will help you with the initial process.

What’s in your Czech driver’s license assistance package?

1- Booking your appointment for your driver’s license exchange

2- Accompanying you for both appointments

What you need to provide

1-Send us a scan of your passport

2- The dates and time when you CANNOT go to the appointment

3- Driver’s license from your home country

4- Your passport and residency permit

5- Rent or job contract ( EU citizens only )


The complete fee for your Czech driver’s license assistance package is 2 500 CZK.

Registration fees for EU citizens: 200 CZK


  1. Send your passport scan to us
  2. We will book your appointment
  3. We will accompany you to your appointment
  4. We will come with you to your Czech driver’s license collection

General information for new drivers

You need to fulfill the following requirements to get the driving license in the Czech Republic:

  • a written application
  • minimum age (you can start with a driving course within 18 months before you are 18 years old)
  • medical exam and have the medical confirmation of your capability to drive
  • permanent or temporary residence permit in the Czech Republic
  • not to be a subject to a penalty or ban on driving

As soon as you have your residence permit you can start with your driving course.

In case you have a permanent residence permit, you will get your driving license right after passing the test. When you have a temporary residence permit, you will get your driving licence when your stay is longer than 185 days.

For further information don´t hesitate to contact us!

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