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During your visa/residency renewal process you might receive a letter from the Czech Ministry of Internal with a headline: Výzva k odstranění vad žádosti.
With this letter, MOI informs you that your file is not complete and it includes the list of documents that you should additionally provide. In case you don’t provide the right documents at the given deadline, your Czech visa renewal file will be rejected.

We can take care of your extension of the deadline on time and make a proposal of the deadline extension for you, even remotely.

What’s in your MOI Deadline extension Package?

  • Set up the deadline extension proposal
  • File proposal letter for your Výzva k odstranění vad žádosti

What you need to provide

  1. Send us a scan of your Výzva k odstranění vad žádosti
  2. Confirm the preferable dates of your extension


  1. Send us a scan of your Výzva k odstranění vad žádosti;
  2. We will set up a proposal letter for you;
  3. We will file a proposal letter;
  4. Your deadline is extended!


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