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If you already have a residency in the Czech Republic, but never obtained a Czech birth number- Rodne čislo, we can arrange it for you. We will book an appointment and accompany you. We suggest EU citizens obtain temporary residency in the Czech Republic, especially if you want to buy the property, have a parking permit or a car while living here.

What’s in your Czech Birth number Package?

  • We will follow up with the immigration and check if your Rodne čislo is ready
  • In case it is not yet generated, we will send a speed up proposal
  • Booking your appointment for a collecting your Czech birth number
  • Accompanying you for the collection

What you need to provide

  1. Send us a scan of your passport
  2. The dates and time when you CANNOT go to the appointment


  1. Send your passport scan to us;
  2. We will book your appointment;
  3. We will accompany you to your appointment;
  4. We will come with you for your Czech birth number collection.


3 900

Complete service amount

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