PraguExpats has the youngest client, her name is Rebecca and she was born today!

Rebecca’s father is Russian citizens who obtained permanent residency last year and her mother is a US citizen who was teaching English under trade license as a business visa holder.
So, her future family reunification visa status should fall under one of the parent’s residency status. Her visa status will not depend on the parent’s citizenship or parental legal rights.

The most convenient option in this situation will be attaching her legal status to her father’s permanent residency. She will get permanent residency and she doesn’t need to extend her long term residency under mother’s residency every 2 years. And she will have public health insurance from VZP free of charge until she graduates from her last year at university.

Each newborn’s health care is covered by the mother’s health insurance until they leave the hospital. It is important to arrange health insurance as soon as possible once you leave the hospital. We insured Rebecca’s mother for pregnancy health insurance which means before they leave the hospital she is insured.

Let us explain step by step the procedure :

Step 1.
Arrange health insurance for a newborn if none of the parents has a permanent residency or EU citizen who is registered with public health insurance. This can be done with a health insurance provider in person.

Step 2.
Collect the birth certificate from the local registration office. It must be official and not a photocopy.

Step 3.
Apply for Czech family reunification residency at the immigration office. Be sure to ask what is the maximum deadline for attaching your child’s passport. According to law, the deadline can be 180 days.

Step 4.
Skip this if you don’t have permanent residency.
With confirmation from the immigration office, register for health insurance, and get a temporary public health insurance card. Once you attach the permanent residency ID of the baby, you will get the permanent health insurance.

Step 5.
Apply for a baby’s passport and provide it to the immigration office before the deadline and get an appointment for the biometric procedure.

Step 6
Visit the immigration office at appointment date arranged through the  biometric card.

If both parents have been living in the Czech Republic at least 1 year before the baby was born, they have a chance getting financial support which was 220 000 CZK before January 1, 2019. For parents whose babies were born after January 1, 2019, 300 000 CZK is given.

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