Ahhhhhh, the Adjustment Period

Moving to Prague, meeting people, making friends. These all sound easy enough, right? I arrived in Prague in November to get my Tefl certification over at Tefl Worldwide Prague. My intention was to come here for a month, backpack for a week, and then head back to the States before embarking on Asia. About three weeks into the course the prospect of going back to the States did not sit right with me. A month in Prague didn’t seem like it was going to be enough, so I cancelled my flight home, and decided to give life here a shot.

    So far it has been good. Really good. The culture is different, but not too different. I spent five years in Germany growing up, a town about five hours to the West of Prague, and I notice a lot of similarities between the two places providing me with that feeling of home. There are also plenty of opportunities for work here. There’s almost so many choices that it’s hard to make a choice, but that is a bit of a personal dilemma that I won’t dive into on here.

    Our Tefl class had about fifteen of us starting out, and as the weeks and months have gone on we’ve dwindled down to about seven. Moving is a part of life and it’s something that people do, especially in the expat community. Those of us that remain are still very good at keeping in contact with each other. We meet up about once a week for a quiz night in an underground tavern (one of the many amazing things about Prague). There is also a quiz night held at the Globe every Wednesday that packs out, you must make a reservation in advance. In our wanderings of the city we have found some great things to do to keep ourselves entertained. There’s a great little board game bar called Paluba. It’s tucked away in the basement of a building full of apartments. They have over 100 board games to choose from and serve beer while you play. Some groups meet up there regularly and you can join them, or you can show up with a group and get your own game going. There is also an amazing pool hall over by Muzeum with more than twenty pool tables, ping pong tables, chess, darts, and of course, beer. (They are closed until June though.) This is another great place to meet and interact with people. If you’re not a big drinker, or if you just need a day off from it, there is a new coffee shop in Vinohrady called The Spot. They serve up delicious cappuccinos, assorted salads, sandwiches, a great breakfast menu, and one of the most amazing truffle cakes I’ve ever had. The Spot is also offering up one of the most helpful things this city could offer – Czech lessons.

    I attended the Czech lesson last Tuesday and am going to be there in regular attendance. The teacher is a native speaker so to hear the proper pronunciation with someone in the room is incredibly helpful as well as the activities she prepares for us to facilitate our learning. The best part of this class are the people in attendance. They are other expats that have relocated here. It’s a good setting to get to know more people here in the city. There were people there, like myself, that have only been here about three months, and people who have been here for two to five years. Friendships don’t just fall out of the sky, and most of them don’t happen overnight, so it’s nice to have a place to go each week that could lead to some developing. What are some of the things you like to do? Do you have any suggestions? Favorite hang outs that others should know about?

See you around!


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