Most common immigration rule mistakes of EU citizens

1. Expired passports and permanent residency permits

Permanent residency permit of EU citizens in Czech republic is valid for 10 years. That’s a long time and it might be easy to forget to review. However, if you wish to maintain your permanent residency permit, you should apply for an extension before it expires.

Currently, we had a client whose UK passport had expired 6 months ago and his permanent residency had expired 2 years ago. Luckily, the rules are not restricted for EU citizens and we were able to fix the situation with 3,000 CZK fine.

2. Trade license holders, employed EU citizens and health insurance rules

Your unemployed EU spouse should be registered with the public health insurance as a self-paying if you are officially employed in the Czech Republic or if you are working under a trade license.

We registered a trade license for EU citizen who was employed for 2 years at Czech company. His wife stayed at home to take care of the kids. He was shocked when he learned he owed money once we visited the VZP office to register him as a trade license holder. He probably  misunderstood the situation between him and his previous employer regarding his status. He was required to pay the full amount for his wife’s insurance the time when he was employed, but he was not aware of this fact. Both the husband and wife thought that she wasn’t insured, therefore, they scheduled limited doctor’s appointments and paid for them with cash. Always. However, even unemployed spouses are automatically insured as a self-payer.

You should be aware of this fact and be sure to pay for your spouse’s public health insurance monthly. This way both of you will feel more comfortable when he/she needs to visit the doctor’s office. If you are just finding out this information, don’t worry; you simply pay for previous months right now and you’ll both be up-to-date and covered.

3. Comprehensive health insurance for  kids of EU citizens

We are a legal and direct health insurance provider. We get so many emails regarding price proposal for EU kids. Children with EU citizenship can be registered with public health insurance as long as one of the parents is registered at public health insurance already. According to Czech law and regulations, the EU child’s health insurance is paid by the Czech government. Comprehensive health insurance is for third nationalities. The rules for the third nationalities with the permanent residencies are the same as EU foreigners and Czech citizens.

4. Czech language tests for permanent residency and stamps for 2500 CZK

EU citizens who apply for permanent residency don’t need to pass the Czech language tests or pay any fees.

5. Trade license misunderstood with debts.

The trade license of EU citizen doesn’t have an expiration date. If you decide to cancel it, you should definitely announce the first trade license office and other social tax and health insurance office. Otherwise, it may still be active and will accrue debt on payments.

These are the most common mistakes of EU clients who are living in The Czech Republic. We hope, the post will help to avoid future misunderstandings

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