Letter from with heading Register subjektů is the scam letter

If you recently registered your new Czech company, you may have received this letter. Most newly registered companies The sender of the letter has heading Register subjektů- oddělení evidence právnických osob.

Most of the new registered company owners received the letter with during the May. The sender of the letter don’t mention the organization name and asks Czech company owners to pay registration and membership fee 1000 CZK

The registration office mentioned in the letter does not exist anywhere in any official public register of the Czech authorities. 

If you have already paid it or have intentions to pay it, you will face real problems!

The letter also states that the form is a partnership proposal and with your payment, you agree on all terms and conditions including automatically extended yearly services payments. So, they will keep sending you invoices each year for non existing services.

Our suggestion:

IGNORE THAT LETTER! All registration fees are already paid to Government authorities during your trade license registration and you are already registered at the public Business register.

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