Injuries are a part of life

Whether you enjoy hiking in the fall, hockey in the winter, or just happen to have had an unfortunate slip or fall, chances are, every one of us, no matter how healthy or what kind of shape we are in, will need a doctor sooner rather than later. Even worse, even if you do not compete actively in athletics, our day to day lives in front of computers and sitting in bad office chairs can cause imbalances in our muscles and problems with our spines and joints that contribute to physical pain and mobility issues. And the sad truth of the matter is, the older we are, the tougher it can be to recover from these injuries.

The good news, however, is that even the toughest of these injuries can be treated with the proper care. And perhaps no place in Prague can provide the level of care as Canadian Medical Care, a private clinic with two locations in the Prague metro area who has been winning awards for the quality of their treatment.

CMC offers a wide variety of top-notch, cutting edge medical treatment, ranging from preventative medicine and OB-GYN care to physical therapy and therapeutic massage, which helps align joints and find weak muscle groups that need to be rehabilitated. The good people at CMC were gracious enough to invite me in for one of these massages so that I could write about it.

Now, a quick bit of background is in order here: I am a very physically fit person. I grew up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania, worked in factories while I was in high school and university, and was also highly-ranked amateur judo competitor during my time in Chicago. As a result, I’m no stranger to getting injured or living with pain. My x-rays look like jigsaw puzzles and I’ve been nagged by aches and pains stemming from these mishaps for years.

When I arrived at CMC’s state-of-the-art complex in Chodov, I stepped into a clean and cheerful foyer— a nice change of pace from the dreary fluorescent lights and dirty vinyl of my local polikinka— the receptionist cheerfully greeted me in Czech and English (all the doctors and the staff at CMC speak excellent English) and helped me begin my intake paperwork. The waiting room was comfortable and bright, and within minutes of turning in my forms, I was ushered into an examination room for my massage.

My therapist turned out to be a very well-educated young woman who spoke both Czech and English fluently. She sat me down and asked me the normal range of questions— “where does it hurt?”, “how much does it hurt?”, “when do your symptoms appear?”— before asking me to stand up to analyze my posture and body. After a thorough and very professional examination, my massage therapist had an idea of where my pains and aches were coming from—for example, injuries to my left shoulder meant I needed to rehabilitate the supporting muscles around the joint. And with that, she ordered me on the table for my massage.

A sports or therapeutic massage is different than the normal, relaxing massage you get at a spa or resort. Your massage therapist will not only massage your muscles, but also discover if you hold your shoulders too far back (like I do) or have overly tight hamstrings which pull your kneecaps out of place (like I have). It’s also not entirely painless, though my massage therapist was quick to check with me to make sure I was not experiencing too much pain or discomfort. My therapist also used some new techniques to draw blood to my injured areas via vacuum to increase the healing processes. It felt, quite frankly, amazing.

After the massage finished, my therapist then had me go over some “homework” with her— exercises to strengthen and stabilize my injured joints. She explained in great detail how these exercises are designed to help each of my problem areas, which made the recovery process clearer and easier to follow. Following that, we went through a few sets of each exercise so that I had the proper form and technique. Even though I was only there for a one time visit, my knees and shoulder felt better almost the very next day, though often times 3 or more visits are needed to show significant progress
While you might not have to deal with the after-effects of thousands of high-impact falls or lifting an opponent one-handed, the Canadian Medical Care’s care can most certainly help you deal with the tough aches and pains of our daily lives. Whether your knees ache when going up Prague’s steep city streets, your shoulder twinges every time you play with your kid, or you just had a nasty fall from your bike and need some rehabilitation, CMC’s staff of top-notch professionals can help you get back to feeling like you used to feel— pain-free and fully mobile.

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