How do you get the 25,000 CZK government compensation for freelancers?

Czech parliament has confirmed that freelancers (živno-holders) affected by the government’s coronavirus measures qualify for a one-time payment of up to 25,000 CZK.

This one-time pay-out covers the period from 13 March to 30 April 2020. The money should be received by the end of April 2020.

This relief is for self-employed people whose workplace was closed or who could not work because of the state of emergency.

Who can get the Czech’s government’s compensation for the self-employed?

After many changes, Czech parliament has confirmed the final conditions for receiving compensation: 

1.Your trade licence must be your main source of income. 

2.You trade licence must have been activated by 12 March 2020.

3. You must declare that you were completely or partly unable to conduct your business because of the health threats associated with the coronavirus or the government emergency measures. 

4.People who receive only part of their income from their trade licence also qualify if:

a.they receive a disability or retirement pension

b.they’re on maternity or paternity leave

c.they take care of a disabled person

d.they’re preparing for their future career (students)

25,000 CZK is the maximum amount of compensation for the period from March 13 to April 30 2020. If you weren’t affected for the whole time, you can also apply for part of the period at a rate of 500 CZK a day.

You’re not eligible for this aid if you’re already receiving other social and financial support from the government.

Step-by-step guide to applying for the 25,000 CZK freelancer compensation

The easiest way to apply for the government compensation is by filling out the form online with your personal information. 

You don’t need to write a personal declaration or submit any evidence.

The website wlll generate your completed application from your personal details. 

You can find the online form here:

Our team has also prepared a step-by-step guide to completing the form in English:


application for czech freelancers compensation step

Fill in the dates when your work activities were negatively affected by the coronavirus measures (od is the starting date and do is the end date) then click on Údaje o daňovém subjektu.

 application for czech freelancers compensation step 2.png

Now fill in your personal details. 

In the first part of the form, enter your IČ (Czech business number) and click on Doplnit dle

When you do this, the website will automatically generate your name and place of residence.

Next fill in your DIČ. Your DIČ  is your tax ID number and usually follows the format CZ+ your IČ. 

Now enter your telephone number, email address and date of birth (datum narození). Your date of birth should follow the format date-month-year.

In the Bankovní spojení section, give the details of the bank account where you want to receive the payment: 

Účet vedený u is your bank’s name. 

Číslo účtu is your bank account number.

Kód banky is your bank code.

After completing this information, click on Údaje k podání.

application for czech freelancers compensation step 1

Finally you should indicate the tax office district where you usually file your tax return. If, for example, you live in Prague 3, then choose hlavní město Prahu then Prahu 3. 

If you’re applying for yourself, then leave the answer Já osobně unchanged in the box below.

Now click on Čestné prohlášení (sworn declaration).

Check that all your details are correct, and if they are, click on Podat.

The website will automatically generate your completed application form.

You can either print the form and sign and drop it off at your local tax office or scan the signed form and send it in by email. 

The addresses of the tax office for each Prague district can be found here. 

The contact information of each tax office can be found here. 

In the subject line of your email, write Žádost o kompenzační bonus pro OSVČ,

If you apply using your databox, there’s no need to print or sign the form. Just attach the downloaded form and send it directly to your tax office…

PraguExpats really wants to help all expats in Prague at this challenging time. We hope this guide greatly simplifies the process of applying for government compensation for freelancers. Stay healthy and safe!


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