DIY Bridging visa and Trade license renewal without speaking Czech

PraguExpats provides complex services at a fixed price since August 2018.
But We always having emails with questions from clients of other agencies or individuals who are extending their residency permits themselves

How to extend both the bridging visa and trade license?

Your trade license‘s expiration date is always according to your Czech residency or visa. You can have 2 years of long-term residency or 2 months bridging visa, your trade license will expire with your bridging visa or residency permit.

How to extend both of them without speaking any word of Czech?

1. Make an appointment at the immigration office online for at least 2 months earlier than your bridging visa or residency permit expiration date.
You will avoid waiting and wasting all day without an appointment. Online appointment is in English, convenient and you can register yourself here

2. Visit the immigration office at least 20 minutes earlier of your appointment time and get your ticket/number. Bridging visa procedure is free of charge. You should try to get your bridging visa for the maximum period for avoiding his extension after 1 month.

Your Czech is not good enough for asking for the maximum period? Here you can download the Note and show it at the window during the bridge visa procedure. Bridge visa procedure is free of charge.

3. Visit The Trade license office for your trade license renewal with your new bridging visa. If you are going to office close to Namesti Miru, you should get ticket/number Registrace.

You are not confident with your Czech?

Here you can download the Note and show it to Trade license officer.

4. Visit trade license office a week later for collecting your extended trade license.

Extend your trade license on time, otherwise, or else it will be canceled and you will have to go through with the first registration procedure you had on your initial visa when you first arrived in the Czech Republic. You may have an issue with your current or future Czech visa extensions.

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