Maternity pay calculator 2023

In the Czech Republic, employed women who have been working in the country for at least one year can qualify for maternity pay. Use the calculator below to see how much money you could receive while on maternity leave as a full time employee.


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    Maternity leave

    It’s possible to claim Czech maternity leave from 6 to 8 weeks before the expected date of birth with a duration of 28 weeks (and 37 weeks for twins). You shall be employed or out of work for less than 180 days (only women) to claim this benefit. Paternity leave follows different rules, so you will get different instructions for Czech paternity leave.

    There is a difference between claiming maternity and maternity leave in the Czech Republic. Maternity is just support covered by your employer since you are not able to work, because you take care of your baby and Czech maternity leave is an extra support from the Czech Authority.

    Maternity leave in the Czech Republic is 70% from a tax base, where a tax base is counted from a gross salary in the past 12 months, which is divided by the amount of days in a given season. A monthly payment is not fixed and can be different every month, since it’s counted by days, not a full month.

    The monthly limit for Czech maternity leave in 2023 is 34.620CZK and there are no other taxes or fees to be paid from the final amount. If your gross salary is higher than the Czech Republic’s average, or approximately 108.000CZK, then you can also claim up to 43.470CZK.

    Do you qualify to benefit from paternity or maternity leave in the Czech Republic?

    At some point, while living in Prague you may find yourself ready to start or continue to grow your family. One thing that is always on new parents’ minds as an expat is paternity leave and maternity leave in the Czech Republic. Parents can qualify for both paternity leave and Czech maternity leave but the amount that you can claim differs for each situation.

    Depending upon your previous income and some other financial determining factors, you can calculate how much you could get for paternity or Czech maternity leave. Pexpats can help you navigate these questions and calculate how much you could receive.

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