The passport which traveled from Mauritius to Prague and back again

We have had many unusual proposals over the years, but the recent proposal from our client topped them all!

Last week, we received a phone call from Mauritius, with the proposal of arranging the Czech criminal clearance report as soon as possible.

The only way to arrange the criminal clearance report without his attendance in the Czech Republic is under the power of attorney and the original passport should be provided. There is no other option.

Therefore, our client notarized his signature by the Czech embassy in Port Louis. Then he sent us his passport by express postal service.

We received the mail in 48 hours and that same day we arranged his criminal clearance report, Apostille stamp, and legal translations, then we sent all the documents to Mauritius. The total process time, including both shipping times, took 96 hours!

The most surprising thing was, our team is not familiar with Mauritius itself. However, we did some research on the island and gathered some interesting information. The end result is that we highly recommend visiting Mauritius to the rest of the world! Let’s discover Mauritius this Year. 🙂

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