Car Registration in Czech Republic

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Registering your car in the Czech Republic is vital if you want to pass mandatory EU motor inspections or get a parking permit. Pexpats help you with the entire process.

We prepare all the paperwork for your car registration and support you through every step of the process. Most tasks are done for you with a power of attorney so you save your time and avoid the bureaucratic hassles. Once your motor certificate and licence plates are ready, we pick them up. Most registrations of imported cars are good to go in 7 days.

What’s in your Car Registration Package

  • Complete registration of your vehicle
  • Arrangement of your car’s full technical inspection and emissions control
  • Collection of your motor certificate and licence plates
  • Help with arranging car insurance
  • Fast and clear answers to all your questions

What you need to provide

  1. Passport and residency permit
  2. Motor documents/certificates from the country where your vehicle was last registered
  3. A signed power of attorney for car registration (to be completed at our office)
  4. Motor insurance
  5. Your car
  6. Your Certificate of Conformity*
*If you don’t have this, we’re happy to arrange it for you.


The fixed fee for your Car Registration Package is 8.500 CZK. The fee includes registration fees, plate numbers, and taxes.

Other expenses:
State technical inspection and emissions control: 3.000–4.000 CZK (based on your car’s parameters)


1. Book your appointment with us
2. Meet at our office and bring all the documents you need to provide
3. Sign the power of attorney for arranging your car registration
4. We arrange for your car’s technical inspection and emissions control, or if you prefer, you can drive it to the appointment yourself
5. We complete all the registration requirements
6. Your motor certificate and licence plates are ready! Come to our office to pick them up

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