Bank account opening

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If you are planning to stay in the Czech Republic and conduct business or you have a long-term residence or permanent residence, you may need to open your bank account. We come with you to the Bank office and provide interpretation and support during your opening bank account.

What’s in your Bank account opening Package

  • We will help you to choose the most convenient bank based on your goals
  • Complete assistance with your Bank account opening
  • Helping with the choosing type of bank account (basic account, current account, savings account)
  • Interpretation and support at the Bank for understanding the terms and conditions
  • Check the contract with the bank before signing
  • Our experts on hand to answer all your questions
  • Navigation in preparation of all necessary documents

What you need to provide

  1. Your passport
  2. Residency card (if you have it)
  3. Address in the Czech Republic
  4. Study confirmation - If you are a student


The fixed fee for your Bank account opening Package is 2.900 CZK.


  1. Choose the Bank with us
  2. Meet us at the Bank (we’ll send you directions)
  3. We provide support and interpretation throughout the registration process
  4. In 4 days you will receive your card

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