Trade license Tax registration

After you activate your trade license or recieve your Czech visa you should be registered with the financial, social tax office and health insurance. As soon as your registration is done you should start paying taxes and health insurance.

PraguExpats takes care of all the steps under power of attorney.

What you get in your Czech Trade license Tax registration package?

1- Registration with Financial tax office

2- Registration with Social tax office

3- Registration with Public health insurance

What you need to provide?

1- Scan of your passport and your residency address in Czech republic

2- Your IČO

3- Power of attorney signed at our office


The complete service fee of the Czech Trade license tax registration is 2,500 CZK.

Next steps

1- Send us a scan of your passport , confirm your address and your IČO

2- Meet us at our office and sign the Power of attorney

3- We will arrange all the registrations

4- We provide instructions on your tax and health insurance payments.