Czech indebtedness document

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Confirmation of non – existence of arrears or Doklad prokazujíci bezdlužnost cizince is required for the extension of business visas. In case you are a freelancer and Zivno holder you should arrange this confirmation from 4 organizations as self-employed.

If you are a company owner you should also arrange this confirmation for your company. The Czech Indebtedness document should be arranged from the following authorities :

1- Financial administration,
2- Customs administration
3- The health insurance company
4- Social Security Administration.

PraguExpats will help you arrange all confirmations that you need remotely under the power of attorney.

What’s in your Indebtedness document assistance package

1- Setting up the application forms
2- Arranging the documents
3- We pay the fees

What you need to provide
1- Send us a scan of your passport
2- Confirm your residency address and IČO


The complete service fee is for an individual is 4 500 czk and for company + individual 8 000 czk.


1- Send us your passport scan with your residency address and IČO
2- Meet us at our office and sign the power of attorney
3- We arrange your Czech indebtedness confirmations.
4- Collect your confirmation!

How long does it take to arrange Czech Indebtedness documents?
Czech authorities have 30 days deadline to issue the confirmations. If the deadline of MOI is not matching to deadlines of authorities contact us for extension of MOI deadlines.