Forming a Czech Limited Liability Company – s. r. o.

If you’re planning to run a business from the Czech Republic, you’ll want to set up a Czech company. The most common type of registered company is an “sro”(limited liability company). 

In just over a week, PraguExpats provides you with your fully set-up Czech company that’s ready to operate anywhere in the EU.  

We take care of all the steps needed to establish and register your Czech company using a power of attorney. You don’t lose days on trips to state offices and courts or paperwork. Instead you can get on with what really matters: growing your business.

What’s in your package:

  • Consultation session
  • Drafting of your company’s constitution
  • Registration of all required trade licences
  • Tax registration
  • Commercial Register entry
  • Complete set of corporate documents
  • Fulfilment of all registration duties
  • Help with bank account set-up
  • Company databox
  • Instructions on all tax duties, incl. VAT 
  • Set-up of virtual business address if required
  • Our experts on hand to answer all your questions

What you need to provide:

  • Name of your company
  • Info about shareholders and managing directors
  • Your passport details
  • Notarised power of attorney authorising us to represent you in the company set-up process 
  • Your signature on all corporate set-up documents
  • Starting capital in your company’s bank account. This can be as low as 1 CZK.
  • Your criminal record from your country of origin*

* This document is not required from foreigners with permanent residency in the Czech Republic. If you’re an EU citizen with temporary residency, you may replace your criminal record with a sworn statement. In all other cases, we’re happy to advise you on getting your criminal record.

  1. Notary fees 6,000 CZK

2.Trade licence office fees 1,000 CZK

3.Commercial court duties 6,000 CZK

4.[Optional] Virtual office for one year with ongoing notifications 5000 CZK*

5. PraguExpats service fee 15,000 CZK

* If you’re able to use your home address or some other location as your official Czech business address, you may do this instead

What are the next steps?

  1. Send us your top 5 (or more) names for your Czech company.
  2. We’ll check the legal availability of those names and come back to you with our recommendations.
  3. Book your appointment with us and bring all the documents you need to provide.
  4. Sign all the corporate set-up documents and a power of attorney for the set-up and registration process.
  5. We establish and register your company for you.
  6. Your Czech company is ready! Visit our offices to collect your full set of corporate documents and tax instructions.

Should I Register A New Company Or Buy Ready-Made Company?

Buying a ready-made company used to be the preferred approach of business people in the Czech Republic. Under the rules in place until 2013, new companies had to have starting capital of at least 200,000 CZK. Most entrepreneurs got round this requirement by buying ready-made companies.

Under the current rules, there’s a no minimum amount for starting capital. A new company may have starting capital of just 1 CZK.

The time, costs and steps involved in buying a ready-made company are almost the same as those for registering a new company. In some cases, however, registering a new company may turn out to be cheaper and more effective. 

When you register a new company, you know you’re starting with a clean slate. You don’t have to worry about any potential fines or hidden debts that an existing company may be burdened with.

PraguExpats cooperates with the best business lawyers in the Czech Republic.

What we need for  forming a Czech Limited Liability Company is:

  • your criminal history background (your criminal record/excerpt from the Penal register) – with legalization and superlegalization (apostille)
  • your passport
  • you need a valid address for the business with an official seat in Prague.

You need to know your business plan, name of the company etc.

As soon as we have all documents needed, the company can be ready within 3 weeks.

For further information don´t hesitate to contact us!

Your Team,