Czech trade license(Zivno) and freelancer visa for the US citizens

1. Trade license

Czech trade license is a business status of a self-employed person with the ability to do several business activities. There are 80 common activities that fall under one trade license. These activities don’t require any special education or university degrees.  The most common activities for our clients include graphic design, IT and general consulting, foreign language teacher, sales, photography services, and event organiser. 

The most important conditions of obtaining the trade license are an Affidavit from the US embassy and Consent with the business address.


As a US citizen, you must provide an affidavit confirming you have not committed any crime. The affidavit must be signed at the US embassy. Please, make an appointment online to visit the US embassy in the Czech Republic. They will provide the proper form to fill out and sign in person. The charge is 50 USD. Please, click here and make your appointment with the US embassy.

US embassy doesn’t send email confirmation. You should remember your appointment time or make a screenshot.

Consent with the business address

Each trade license holders should have a business address. Renting an office is not necessary. It can be a so-called virtual or remote office. For those who already rent an apartment, the home address can be used as the business address. Ask permission from the landlord. Download the form which the landlord should sign here: Consent with business address
It is convenient and free, but most owners in Prague don’t want to give permission. Additionally, we can offer business addresses from our virtual business provider for 5200 CZK per year.

Our Service fee

Our complete service fee is 6 900 CZK. It includes:

Trade license registration including registration fees

Trade license activation

Registration with the financial tax office

Registration with the social tax office

Registration with Public health insurance

Full information about trade license and taxes can be found here.

2.Visa services

US citizens can apply for Czech visa at any Czech embassy in EU ( For example Berlin, Vienna, Bratislava, Brussels, Budapest) 

The appointment with the Czech embassy is the most important part of your future visa process. Embassies may be booked with appointments. We should start negotiating an appointment date with all embassies as soon as possible. Please,  send us your name, middle name, surname, and date of birth, We will make an appointment for you.  The application process takes up to 90 days but mostly is issued within 50-60 days. You have to apply and pick up your visa at the same embassy. 


– passport (validation at least for another 9 months, issued within last 10 years, two blank consecutive pages)   
– 2 passport photos EU size!!  
– application form (we would send it in attachment)
– bank account statement with the balance of 110.000 CZK (ca 5.600 USD) in original or scan issued by your bank with a stamp and signature (can be in a form of a letter)
– Trade license  
– Accommodation confirmation (with the notarized signature of the owner/owners) 
– Affidavit you have not committed any crime (we will make a verified copy of the document you will bring from US embassy)
– Visa fee at the embassy – 197 EUR  (should be paid in cash at the embassy)
– Once the visa is issued: Health insurance in the length of 3 months at least from the Czech company. We are the direct insurance provider of AXA link

Our Service fee

Our visa service fee is 4 000 CZK.

Complete Trade license + visa service fee is 10 900 CZK

Our service fees don’t include:

Notary fee of US embassy

Visa fee of Czech embassy

Travelling and Accommodation costs

Initial Health insurance

Translation costs of the bank letter

You should give your landlord these documents:

Accommodation confirmation (with the notarized signature of the owner/owners) …this document is needed for the visa process

Consent with business address (just simple signature of the owner/owners) … this document we need to start the process of the Trade license