Does Czech commercial health insurance cover costs related to the coronavirus threat?

As brokers of private health insurance, we’ve been receiving many emails about whether different policies cover medical costs connected with the coronavirus threat, We decided to go through all the policies on the market and contact these companies to determine whether all expats with Czech health insurance can count on complete support from their insurer.

Public health insurance holders 

If you have Czech public health insurance, then you don’t need to worry about your coverage. All expenses for medical treatment including those related to the Covid-19 crisis will be covered.

Private health insurance

Unfortunately, not all expats in the Czech Republic qualify for public health insurance under current Czech law. What if you have private health insurance? Will it cover expenses related to a potential Covid-19 infection?

We contacted all the private health insurance companies but only received official replies from the ones whom we represent. 


If you arranged your health insurance from PVZP through us or independently, then please see this official statement from the company in English


If you arranged your health insurance from AXA through us or independently, please read the company’s official English-language statement

PVZP is a private health insurance product from VZP that is supported by AXA.  AXA also processes PVZP claims so if you have any health problems, please go ahead and contact either company. You’ll find the contact details on your insurance card. This general information about how to contact the AXA applies whether you have AXA or PVZP insurance.

Other private insurance companies

We only represent AXA and PVZP and did not any official information from any other private insurer. If your policy is with one of these companies, then please persist in contacting them until you receive clarification. The company’s number and your insurance number should be printed on your insurance card.

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