Tax refund or originally discount for kids for families with children

The Czech social and financial tax system is always fair with the residents who are fair with the system! Whether you are a foreigner of the developing country with long term or permanent residency, EU citizen or you are simply a Czech citizen, the social and maternity support doesn’t  have any discrimination about your legal status if your taxes have been officially paid and the rules are the same for all people who are officially living in a good status in the Czech Republic.

You can be an employee of the company where you are working, working as self-employed under trade license or a CEO of your own company who is receiving a salary, you can get a tax refund and it is not taxable and you don’t need to pay any tax from a tax refund for children!

Amount Calculation for past annual reporting year 2018:

1 child in the  family  15 204 CZK

2 children in the family 19 404 CZK and

3  or more children in the family  24 204 CZK


*Only one of the parents can claim the bonus


What you should attach to the report:

Copy of  birth certificate

Copy of Health Insurance card

Confirmation from kindergarten or school(for kids over 3 years old)

Affidavit of another parent that he/she agrees that father/mother can apply for a tax refund

Bank account information where the financial tax office should transfer the tax refund.


There is an age restriction per child and Maximum age of a child to be claimed who is a student and 26 years old.


You should remind your tax advisor about the bonuses if you are a trade license holder or contact your financial department of your employer if you working for a company with offices here in the Czech Republic.

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