Most common immigration rule mistakes of EU citizens

1. Expired passports and permanent residency permits

Permanent residency permit of EU citizens in Czech republic is valid for 10 years. That’s a long time and it might be easy to forget to review. However, if you wish to maintain your permanent residency permit, you should apply for an extension before it expires.

Currently, we had a client whose UK passport had expired 6 months ago and his permanent residency had expired 2 years ago. Luckily, the rules are not restricted for EU citizens and we were able to fix the situation with 3,000 CZK fine.

2. Trade license holders, employed EU citizens and health insurance rules

Your unemployed EU spouse should be registered with the public health insurance as a self-paying if you are officially employed in the Czech Republic or if you are working under a trade license.

We registered a trade license for EU citizen who was employed for 2 years at Czech company. His wife stayed at home to take care of the kids. He was shocked when he learned he owed money once we visited the VZP office to register him as a trade license holder. He probably  misunderstood the situation between him and his previous employer regarding his status. He was required to pay the full amount for his wife’s insurance the time when he was employed, but he was not aware of this fact. Both the husband and wife thought that she wasn’t insured, therefore, they scheduled limited doctor’s appointments and paid for them with cash. Always. However, even unemployed spouses are automatically insured as a self-payer.

You should be aware of this fact and be sure to pay for your spouse’s public health insurance monthly. This way both of you will feel more comfortable when he/she needs to visit the doctor’s office. If you are just finding out this information, don’t worry; you simply pay for previous months right now and you’ll both be up-to-date and covered.

3. Comprehensive health insurance for  kids of EU citizens

We are a legal and direct health insurance provider. We get so many emails regarding price proposal for EU kids. Children with EU citizenship can be registered with public health insurance as long as one of the parents is registered at public health insurance already. According to Czech law and regulations, the EU child’s health insurance is paid by the Czech government. Comprehensive health insurance is for third nationalities. The rules for the third nationalities with the permanent residencies are the same as EU foreigners and Czech citizens.

4. Czech language tests for permanent residency and stamps for 2500 CZK

EU citizens who apply for permanent residency don’t need to pass the Czech language tests or pay any fees.

5. Trade license misunderstood with debts.

The trade license of EU citizen doesn’t have an expiration date. If you decide to cancel it, you should definitely announce the first trade license office and other social tax and health insurance office. Otherwise, it may still be active and will accrue debt on payments.

These are the most common mistakes of EU clients who are living in The Czech Republic. We hope, the post will help to avoid future misunderstandings

Visiting the hospitals with Czech commercial health insurance for foreigners

If you have comprehensive health insurance for foreigners , We highly recommend that you visit hospitals Which have a contract with your insurance company . The Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady hospital has the best reputation in the Czech Republic; they have all types of doctors including GPs. They have a separate department especially for the English and Russian speaking expats.

Instructions for AXA clients in case of health problem,

Please, Call to nonstop AXA client support. You can find the phone number at the back side of your insurance card or call directly +420 292 292 220

Once you connected to customer support of AXA , they will ask your insurance number. You can find your insurance number on the right top of your insurance card. After explaining your pain or health problem. They will help you to choose The Best English speaking hospitals and give you all instructions.

When visiting hospital you do not need to have a recommendation from your GP because the receptionist of the Expats department will arrange that you see a GP in the same Building.

In case you prefer using a hospital of your choice which does not have a contract with AXA , you will pay cash and you will need to contact AXA for payment refund. You can download an application form for a payment refund here  i You should fill out the application form, sign it, attach the pictures of invoices and email to [email protected]

In case if you have any emergency or a misunderstanding occurs, please contact us by email [email protected] or call our phone number +420 777 776 245

How to get to The Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady hospital?

If you visit the hospital with public transportation:,

  • From north side of the hospital from street U Vinohradské nemocnice, Šrobárova – MAP

Metro A line – metro station Želivského
Tram number 4, 5, 16, 26 – tram stop Želivského
Bus number 124, 139, 150, 163, 188, 213, 297 bus stop Želivského

  • From south side of hospital from Ruská street MAP
    Tram number 4, 7, 22, 24 – tram stop Kubánské náměstí
    Bus number 136- bus stop Kubánské náměstí

If you visit hospital by car or taxi you should go to Šrobárova 1150/50, 100 00 Praha 10-Vinohrady

Paternity leave for fathers in the Czech Republic

The exciting news is forthcoming and it will directly affect the modern day family unit in the Czech Republic. It looks like mothers will get more support from fathers and simultaneously fathers will have the chance to bond with their newborn.

One study reveals that even minimal father involvement in early care increases the likelihood that he will be more involved in the child’s life later on. If fathers do not create a bond from the beginning, they may feel that the mother is better at caregiving and fathers will then take a step back.

Under the existing rule, a father can take parental allowance, but not at the same time as the mother.  However, according to the new act, this will change.

Normally a paternity leave meant fathers could take seven days free following the birth of a child. Now men will be able to choose one week, with a six-week time frame that follows the birth, during which they would draw benefits. Mothers and fathers can have more liberty and flexibility when the father decides to use his paternity leave.

There are even cases when fathers receive 70 percent of their income as well as maternity welfare. And they can take a break of up to six weeks after the birth of the offspring.

As long as the father is registered to be the child’s father, the benefits are easy to obtain.

Prior, most fathers took holiday or unpaid leave following the birth of a child. They were not entitled to paid leave and they were less entitled to bond with their newborn child. This put a strain on the immediate family where the mother was the sole caretaker of the child and the father was nearly forced to return to the workplace.

Current labor code regulations state that fathers are given to paid leave for two reasons and two reasons only. One, to transport the mother to the hospital, and two, to drive the family home. Even to attend the birth of the child, fathers had only one option -to take unpaid leave.
In a modern world where both parents typically work, this seems both unfair and antiquated. Now officials are changing their tune and recognize that fathers deserve time off. In the case of a single father or separated couple, the newly approved act could even provide a new batch of health insurance benefits for fathers that are independent of those being claimed by mothers.

Despite being entitled to parental leave, only 1.8 % of Czech men take advantage of it. Perhaps with a new code in place, fathers will be more active in the child’s life which will give some much-needed relief to mothers who are usually the primary caretaker.

Parental Leave Benefits and Maternal Bonuses

If you are pregnant or have a newborn, there’s good news on the horizon. Maternity support in the Czech Republic is about to get a serious adjustment, one that will make many mothers, and fathers, very happy.  

By the year 2020, parental benefits are set to rise from 220,000 CZK to 300,000 CZK. That’s right around the corner. So now is an ideal time to start planning children if that’s part of your life plan.

If you’re wondering why the sudden change in maternity bonuses, the answer is simple. For almost a decade, the payout hasn’t been increased or addressed. Therefore, the readjustment is long overdue, indeed. Since the economy of the Czech Republic has fallen recently and prices, wages, and revenues of the state budget have risen, the maternal bonus reconciliation comes at the right time. It’s only fair to make life a little easier for young mothers and fathers.

Foreigners can benefit from this maternal bonus, too. 90% of foreigners don’t know about government financial support for newborns. These maternal bonuses can be received after 1 year of living and paying taxes in the Czech Republic. Maternal bonuses are a standard procedure for all Czech citizens. Not sure how to apply? Talk to a company who specializes in this service.

Currently, mothers in the Czech Republic are entitled to 20 weeks of postnatal maternity support. However, a shift has been made in parental leave. And it’s not just the mother’s who are getting time off. The new seven-day entitlement, which allows fathers to claim up to 70% of their salary while on leave, is intended to encourage the father’s early involvement in caring for young children. This shows just how forward thinking the Czech Republic is. By giving incentive to families, a new paradigm is being created. Involving fathers in the child-rearing process builds a stronger family unit. It also removes a lot of burden on the mother’s side.

After all, for centuries, it’s been the mother who typically assumes the majority the responsibility in raising a child. It’s about time that we start changing the way we’re doing things. The Czech Republic is taking big steps to make that possible.
For those who already have children and receive maternal support, the increase will happen automatically. Those who have exhausted their maternal allowance must reapply. Take notice, the child must be under 4 years old at the time of applying.

PraguExpats has the youngest client, her name is Rebecca and she was born today!

Rebecca’s father is Russian citizens who obtained permanent residency last year and her mother is a US citizen who was teaching English under trade license as a business visa holder.
So, her future family reunification visa status should fall under one of the parent’s residency status. Her visa status will not depend on the parent’s citizenship or parental legal rights.

The most convenient option in this situation will be attaching her legal status to her father’s permanent residency. She will get permanent residency and she doesn’t need to extend her long term residency under mother’s residency every 2 years. And she will have public health insurance from VZP free of charge until she graduates from her last year at university.

Each newborn’s health care is covered by the mother’s health insurance until they leave the hospital. It is important to arrange health insurance as soon as possible once you leave the hospital. We insured Rebecca’s mother for pregnancy health insurance which means before they leave the hospital she is insured.

Let us explain step by step the procedure :

Step 1.
Arrange health insurance for a newborn if none of the parents has a permanent residency or EU citizen who is registered with public health insurance. This can be done with a health insurance provider in person.

Step 2.
Collect the birth certificate from the local registration office. It must be official and not a photocopy.

Step 3.
Apply for Czech family reunification residency at the immigration office. Be sure to ask what is the maximum deadline for attaching your child’s passport. According to law, the deadline can be 180 days.

Step 4.
Skip this if you don’t have permanent residency.
With confirmation from the immigration office, register for health insurance, and get a temporary public health insurance card. Once you attach the permanent residency ID of the baby, you will get the permanent health insurance.

Step 5.
Apply for a baby’s passport and provide it to the immigration office before the deadline and get an appointment for the biometric procedure.

Step 6
Visit the immigration office at appointment date arranged through the  biometric card.

If both parents have been living in the Czech Republic at least 1 year before the baby was born, they have a chance getting financial support which was 220 000 CZK before January 1, 2019. For parents whose babies were born after January 1, 2019, 300 000 CZK is given.

The flu season has begun in the Czech Republic.

The number of respiratory diseases cases has already risen to epidemic proportions. There are 1,715 cases per 100,000 patients. Epidemic “status” is given at 1500 cases. Last Friday the country’s Chief Hygienist, Eva Gottvald, announced that in the past week, the number of patients rose almost one fifth. The highest mortality rate from the flu was reported from the Plzeňský, Liberecký, Jihomoravský and Moravskoslezský regions.

Last season, in 2017/2018, with a rampant severe flu, more than 600 people deaths in the hospital country-wide, about 260 were influenza related. Most of the Major hospitals in the Czech Republic are closed to visitors whose family members are staying in hospital. If you are using public transportation it is highly recommended to wash your hands with soap and warm after arriving home or before you consuming food.

Czech Partner visa and Relationship statistics

temporary residency EU

Some people call it the “Czech Partner visa” or “relationship visa”, officially it is called the temporary residency for EU family member. At PragueExpats we have approved our 500th filing last week and have interesting statistics to share on the relationships between EU members and other nationalities. So, most common relationships between nationalities according to the statistics of our last 500 clients are:

MenWomen  %
Others 39%

7 biggest and fatal mistakes of expats which shouldn’t happen

1. Registration with Czech foreign policy.

Every expat (person with citizenship outside of Czech Republic) should register with foreign policy within 3 days of arrival and EU member expats within 30 days

2. Overstaying of US citizens in the EU before visa approval in the Czech embassy.

Czech embassy may invite you for an interview serval months after you apply for your long term visa. Overstaying will be the main reason for your visa application rejection.

3. Fake accommodation proof.

The person should be registered at the apartment or house where they live and it is also the legal responsibility of the home’s owner to provide the accommodation proof. MOI offices and embassies have a long list of fake accommodation providers which can be the main reason for visa approval or renewal rejection.

4.Insufficient income funds.

Make sure your income is sufficient for your visa renewal. There is the official calculation of income by MIO.

5. Extend your trade license BEFORE it expires.

Your trade license always expires with your residency permit or bridging visas and you should always be extended with your new residency or new bridge visa sticker, otherwise, It WILL be canceled and you will have to go through the new trade license registration process again and it may negatively affect your visa renewal.

6. Extend your visa on time.

The Czech visa renewal deadlines are very strict and if you don’t apply for visa renewal before the current one expires, you lose the chance to extend it.

 7.Bad communication with authorities.

Make sure you have your full name on your postal box. In the case of misunderstandings and missing of some documents in your visa renewal process, the immigration office sends you a letter with a proposal. They may ask to attach some missing documents with a deadline date. If you don’t have your name on the postal box, you don’t receive any letter and you may not know about the cancellation of your visa process.


Tax refund or originally discount for kids for families with children

The Czech social and financial tax system is always fair with the residents who are fair with the system! Whether you are a foreigner of the developing country with long term or permanent residency, EU citizen or you are simply a Czech citizen, the social and maternity support doesn’t  have any discrimination about your legal status if your taxes have been officially paid and the rules are the same for all people who are officially living in a good status in the Czech Republic.

You can be an employee of the company where you are working, working as self-employed under trade license or a CEO of your own company who is receiving a salary, you can get a tax refund and it is not taxable and you don’t need to pay any tax from a tax refund for children!

Amount Calculation for past annual reporting year 2018:

1 child in the  family  15 204 CZK

2 children in the family 19 404 CZK and

3  or more children in the family  24 204 CZK


*Only one of the parents can claim the bonus


What you should attach to the report:

Copy of  birth certificate

Copy of Health Insurance card

Confirmation from kindergarten or school(for kids over 3 years old)

Affidavit of another parent that he/she agrees that father/mother can apply for a tax refund

Bank account information where the financial tax office should transfer the tax refund.


There is an age restriction per child and Maximum age of a child to be claimed who is a student and 26 years old.


You should remind your tax advisor about the bonuses if you are a trade license holder or contact your financial department of your employer if you working for a company with offices here in the Czech Republic.

Why are accounting services for the annual Czech tax report so expensive?

Dear Prague Expats,

We have types of EU clients who don’t need to have a Czech visa or other nationalities who should have a visa and renew. However, ALL trade license holders should declare/apply Czech annual tax report for the past year. We are going to explain why your annual tax report may cost so much and how to avoid it this tax year.

Information for all trade license holders: Recording the transactions is one of the major parts of the annual tax report! The accounting service fees will depend on your payment transactions; Recording each transaction on bookkeeping software or downloading your bank transactions.

Whether you withdraw cash from ATMs, buy clothes online, pay for food or Uber Czech Republic charges you from your card for your trip,  charges the Netflix or you use payment card anywhere. So accountants charge for recording each transaction. And recording each transaction costs between 20 -35 CZK in Prague. So, if you are using your personal bank account as a business you may have thousands of transactions for the previous year.


Our Prague Expats tip: Arrange a second bank account solely for business purposes. Where you accept payments for your invoices, pay social taxes and health insurance and finally transfer your salary to your personal bank account. Most of the banks are offering bank accounts without any services fee. Alternatively, you can have another bank account at Fio Bank, Air Bank, Equa bank, Mbank without any service fee and save thousands of CZK for accounting services.

The year 2019 is already started and we have new clients for the business visa under trade license renewals. And as income proof for Czech residence renewal, the MOI-Czech immigration offices will require their annual tax reports for 2018. We have even identified one of our clients to hit the records jackpot and the winner of the year with 9000 payment card transactions in 2018! We hope, her accountant will negotiate with her and she gets some discount 🙂