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Czech Partner visa and Relationship statistics

Some people call it the “Czech Partner visa” or “relationship visa”, officially it is called the temporary residency for EU family member. At PragueExpats we have approved our 500th filing last week and have interesting statistics to share on the relationships between EU members and other nationalities. So, most common relationships between nationalities according to the […]

7 biggest and fatal mistakes of expats which shouldn’t happen

1. Registration with Czech foreign policy. Every expat (person with citizenship outside of Czech Republic) should register with foreign policy within 3 days of arrival and EU member expats within 30 days 2. Overstaying of US citizens in the EU before visa approval in the Czech embassy. Czech embassy may invite you for an interview serval […]

Tax refund or originally discount for kids for families with children

The Czech social and financial tax system is always fair with the residents who are fair with the system! Whether you are a foreigner of the developing country with long term or permanent residency, EU citizen or you are simply a Czech citizen, the social and maternity support doesn’t  have any discrimination about your legal […]

New Year ‘s Fireworks Prague 2019

The theme of the fireworks show is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. and will be accompanied by musical accompaniment. The Show will take 10 minutes and 42 seconds WHEN: 1. 1. 2019 at 6 pm WHERE: Letenské sady, Prague 7 OUR TIP:  They are best viewed from Dvořákovo nábřeží, Pařížská Street, Čechův […]

Proof of funds for Czech Business visa renewal

Dear PraguExpats, If you hope to extend your business visa or long-term residency in 2019, make sure that you don’t forget about any income invoicing for your annual tax report 2018. Your proof of income will be your annual tax report for 2018 for your visa extensions in 2019! The Immigration office has a fixed […]

DIY Bridging visa and Trade license renewal without speaking Czech

PraguExpats provides complex services at a fixed price since August 2018.But We always having emails with questions from clients of other agencies or individuals who are extending their residency permits themselves How to extend both the bridging visa and trade license? Your trade license‘s expiration date is always according to your Czech residency or visa. […]

The Czech language exams for permanent residency applicants

Czech language exams and the awarded Certificate for a successful pass are the main requirements for obtaining permanent residency in the Czech Republic for citizens from outside the EU. The level of the examination is A1 and it is the most basic level using phrases and conversations in our everyday life in the Czech Republic. The […]

Christmas and New Year closures for Czech MOI visa immigration offices

Dear Prague Expats, Every December, the MOI Immigration Offices shorten their hours during the holiday season. If you need to renew your Czech Visa, Bridge Visa or any other services offered by the Immigration Office; you have until December 20. We highly recommend planning your visit between November and the first two weeks of December […]

From Prague to up north, then back to Prague again

By Gracie Roberts Prague is a city that I’ve had an on-again-off-again relationship with since the autumn of 2014. My experience moving to, away from, and back to Prague during these past few years has been a wild personal journey – one filled with surprises, disappointments and a great number of achievements along the way. […]