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Czech proof of accommodation for Czech Visa

If you are applying for any type of Czech visa / residency, you need to present a proof of accommodation or rental contract. Since you will not be giving your original contract you will have to make a legalized copy of the rental contract which can depending on the number of pages you have expensive […]

Opening a bank account in the Czech Republic

After you come to the Czech Republic you will probably want to open a Czech bank account. You would need to present your passport and another form of identification such as a driver’s license or identity card.  Most banks also ask for a residency certificate or work contract to prove your link to the Czech […]

Czech Republic signature authorization and legalization

Signature authorization is needed for signing specific documents and Power’s of attorney. With your signature authorization you confirm your identity. For arranging signature authorization you don’t need to visit notary offices. The Czech post office has notary services called CZECH POINT. Authorization of the signature of one document cost 33 kč. You can arrange it […]

Baby registration of foreigners in the Czech Republic

Registering a baby for EU citizens A baby born in the Czech Republic whose parents are EU citizens should get a Czech temporary residency and the steps are following: Step 1.Arrange health insurance for a newborn if none of the parents has a permanent residency or EU citizen who is registered with public health insurance. […]

Letter from with heading Register subjektů is the scam letter

If you recently registered your new Czech company, you may have received this letter. Most newly registered companies The sender of the letter has heading Register subjektů- oddělení evidence právnických osob. Most of the new registered company owners received the letter with during the May. The sender of the letter don’t mention the organization name […]

Who can enter the Czech Republic from May 11.?

Czech republic announced the new rules of leaving and entering the country during coronavirus security measures. Not everyone can enter the Czech Republic. Only the following categories are allowed. 1- EU citizens All EU citizens previously residing longer than 90 days in the Czech Republic (this does not include a first entry Conditions for entering […]

How to arrange legal copy of original documents?

If you are applying for any type of visa in the Czech Republic, you will need to give many documents, for example, Work contact, Rental contract. Since you will not give the original one, you should make a legalized copy. Making a legal copy of your document is easy. No need to visit the notary. […]

Czech trade license or full-time employment?

If you are hiring or looking for work in the Czech Republic, there are always questions regarding types of job contracts. Some companies prefer to hire someone under the Zivnostensky list while others prefer to hire people as full-time employees. Both types of employment have advantages, disadvantages, or even offer tax relief. Czech employment taxes […]

Czech Zivno visa or Czech Freelancer visa

Our Quick Guide to the Czech Visa Process If you’re a non-EU citizen moving to the Czech Republic to find self-employment, you probably have heard that you will need to acquire a  long term visa. This type of visa is very common for people moving to the Czech Republic, but it can be quite confusing […]

How to get a criminal clearance report?

If you want to apply for a Czech long-term visa,  get a Trade licence or register a company,  among other documents you should provide a criminal clearance report from your home country. If you are applying for a long-term visa you should also provide criminal clearance report from the country/countries in which you have resided […]