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From Prague to up north, then back to Prague again

By Gracie Roberts Prague is a city that I’ve had an on-again-off-again relationship with since the autumn of 2014. My experience moving to, away from, and back to Prague during these past few years has been a wild personal journey – one filled with surprises, disappointments and a great number of achievements along the way. […]

Speaking the local language

Whether you were posted to Prague by an employer or just find yourself lingering here after a period of study the first obstacle you will have noticed will be the language. Anyone proficient in English will probably recognise words in Spanish, Italian and French that share Latin roots. But isn’t Czech, Slavic in origin, a […]

Another Worshop at The Spot

Dear Pexpats,   together with EXPALEGAL and Jobspin.cz we are running another workshop for you. You can come to our office/center The Spot and be part of the  event November 12th at 10 am. You can register at http://jobspin.us13.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=cdd28ec341540d29bb501aac0&id=c7effdacce This time we will talk about how to start the business in the Czech republic and tell […]

Meet us at The Spot

The idea behind The Spot isn’t radical, but it is unique. Nestled in the neighborhood of Vinohrady, The Spot aims to provide a comfortable and relaxed place for friends to meet up and enjoy some coffee or even a bite to eat. But what sets us apart is that we aren’t here just to serve […]

Czech for Free

Hello everyone, we offer another great opportunity to get more familiar with the Czech language. Just come to our center The Spot (www.letsmeet.cz)! You can come to our Czech lessons for beginners on Wednesday 27th April at 6 pm for FREE. The class is for 1 hour and the lessons will continue every week the […]

Velikonoce (Easter in the Czech Republic)

      It doesn’t matter where you go in the world. Different countries celebrate holidays in different ways. There will be different customs, traditions, and a lot of the time different names for the holiday that is approaching. The world is becoming more globalized so a lot of different countries usually recognize the same core holidays […]

Ahhhhhh, the Adjustment Period

Moving somewhere, meeting people, making friends. These all sound easy enough, right? I arrived in Prague in November to get my Tefl certification over at Tefl Worldwide Prague. My intention was to come here for a month, backpack for a week, and then head back to the States before embarking on Asia. About three weeks […]

Injuries are a part of life

Whether you enjoy hiking in the fall, hockey in the winter, or just happen to have had an unfortunate slip or fall, chances are, every one of us, no matter how healthy or what kind of shape we are in, will need a doctor sooner rather than later. Even worse, even if you do not […]

Who The Hell Are YOU? …and what are you doing here…?

  Ever been asked this question? Of course you have. It pretty much lends itself to the expat life. Whether you’re travelling through Kuala Lumpur or getting settled in Budapest, at some point people are going to want to know. Unfortunately, it’s not always the easiest question to answer. Some people plan everything to the […]

17th November – Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day

For many expats living here in the Czech Republic, it is a struggle to adjust to the new routine of national holidays, different from those we know growing up in the US or the UK. One day, you wake up expecting a normal day, but when you walk outside, all the stores are closed, the […]