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How to rent the right flat and avoid residency renewal troubles?

Recently, many of our clients have been having trouble obtaining proper rental contracts for visa residency purposes. One of the main conditions of the Czech ministry of interior for visa or residency application, is getting the required proof of accommodation confirmation as well as a proper rental contract from a legal owner, according to the […]

Most powerful passports of 2019

The Henley Passport Index (HPI) is a global ranking of countries according to the travel freedom for their citizens. According to the latest Henley passport index, Japan and Singapore have topped the list as the world’s most powerful passports as both offer access to 190 destinations without needing a visa in advance. The Czech Republic moved to […]

Online appointment and visa status check for Czech visa

The Czech Ministry of internal has two online services for foreigners which you may not know about. 1. Online appointment system for immigration office services.  Most of the foreigners already have experiences visiting the immigration office without an appointment and waiting almost all day until they call thier numbers. Staying at the MOI with many people may be […]

9 Prague Swimming Pools will help you stay cool this summer

Sports and recreation area Pražačka – Prague 3 With sports and sauna in the same place, this is a popular spot during the summer months. The swimming pool provides a newly separated children’s play area (paddling pool with a climbing frame, giant water mushroom). The straight swimmers have 4 lanes and are open for the […]

Strawberry Season in CZ. Pick Your Own Strawberries

Most Czech know the secret to keeping their kitchens stocked with strawberries. A quick trip to Kunratice is enough to fill an entire kitchen, maybe even twice over. The season has already started, so it’s time to pack up the car, the kiddies, and your closest loved ones and head to the strawberry fields. Season […]

The passport which traveled from Mauritius to Prague and back again

We have had many unusual proposals over the years, but the recent proposal from our client topped them all! Last week, we received a phone call from Mauritius, with the proposal of arranging the Czech criminal clearance report as soon as possible. The only way to arrange the criminal clearance report without his attendance in […]

Czech driver’s license for foreigners

Foreigners have two option to obtain a Czech driver’s license. Option one is changing your driver’s license from home country for a Czech one. Option two is going through the full process as a first-time driver at a driving school. A) Eu Citizens and citizens of some countries who have the agreement with Czech authorities […]