9 Prague Swimming Pools will help you stay cool this summer

Sports and recreation area Pražačka – Prague 3

With sports and sauna in the same place, this is a popular spot during the summer months. The swimming pool provides a newly separated children’s play area (paddling pool with a climbing frame, giant water mushroom). The straight swimmers have 4 lanes and are open for the morning swimming on weekdays from 600 to 800 h and every evening until 2130. Another pride is the elevated terrace overlooking Prague. 

Open: Mon-Fri 6: 00−8: 00 and 10: 00−21: 30, Weekend 10: 00−20: 00                     


Full Day:  CZK 140 (CZK 100 after 16:00) 

Family 2 + 1:  CZK 300 

Swimming pool Petynka – Prague 6

Heated swimming pool 50 x 21 m, sunbathing on the roof, paddling pool, water slide, aquapaddler, trampoline and football pool makes this a very exciting place to take a dip. You can buy tickets using the online form without queues. The only swimming pool in Prague with a view of Prague Castle. 

Open: daily 7: 00-21: 00

Entire day: 160 CZK (140 CZK after 16:00) 

Divoká Šárka Swimming Pool – Prague 6

The swimming pool is located in the Šárka valley called Divoká Šárka.The beautiful location creates the quietest swimming pool in Prague. The bottom of the valley is still 10-15 minutes on the way down, both from the bus stop and from the parking lot. The water into the concrete tanks (2 swimming pools for swimmers, children’s paddling pool) flows from the stream, safe, clean, but cold. Romance is plentiful, and there’s no lack of entertainment around (water slides, playground for children and sports, refreshments). 

Open: daily 9: 00-19: 00 for favorable weather 


Basic all day: 120 CZK 70 CZK after 16:30) 

Free: for children under 5 years

Swimming Pool Ladvi – Prague 8

A housing estate with an outdoor swimming pool (with an ice rink in winter) and happy visitors. For straightforward swimmers fitness swimming 900-1300 with an inexpensive entry. They thought of the children when constructing this water wonderland (paddling pool, water mushroom, and water slide).  

Open: daily 9: 00-20: 00 


Full day: 150 CZK (80 CZK after 16:00) 

Free: for children under 3 years

Swimming pool Stírka  – Prague 8

Swimming pool Stírka  – Prague 8

Favorite place for several generations. The youngest here can swim in around the shallow pool with mushroom and slide. In the large swimming pool fitness swimming 900-1300. Sauna reopens again in winter. 

Open: daily 9: 00-20: 00       


Full day: 150 CZK (80 CZK after 16:00) 

Family 2 + 2: 390 CZK 

Free: for children under 3 years

Swimming Pool SK Slavia – Prague 10

50 × 21 m pool and two children’s pools: a paddling pool and a second one with a max depth of 0.8 m. For those who want to see what they’re up to, webcam HERE. 

Open: Mon-Fri 06: 00-20: 00, Weekend 09: 00-20: 00 


Full Day: 160 CZK (120 CZK after 16:00) 

Family 2 + 2: 400 CZK 

Free: for children up to 1 year

Swimming and Sports Complex Hloubětín  – Prague 9

You will not miss the sea or the sun after you experience this gem in Prague. Indoor pools with salt water (25 x 15 m with a depth of 120-360 cm and 7.5 x 15 m shallow 60-80 cm) remain accessible to the outdoor pool.

Open: daily 11: 00-19: 00 (ticket sale ends 17:45)  


Adults: 160 CZK / 90 min 

Children up to 15 years: 140 CZK / 90 min 

Children up to 6 years: 80 CZK / 90 min

Summer swimming pool Čakovice

The Čakovice swimming pool is an outdoor swimming pool. It offers a water slide and two 50 m long pools. Take public transport from Anděl and you’ll arrive in about one hour. A reward for relaxation under the trees, a grassy area for up to 3,000 visitors, a 50m pool with half for browsing tiny and bigger ones, a second swimming pool and a water slide. 

Open: daily 9: 00-19: 00 for favorable weather 


Basic all day: 110 CZK (50 CZK after 16:00) 

Family 2 + 2: 280 CZK 

Free: for children under 3 years

Swimming pool Klánovice

Swimming pool Klánovice is located in Prague 9 Klánovice, is one of the most beautiful Prague. Anděl Public transport helps you arrive in just over an hour where you’ll be rewarded with affordably priced refreshments. A swimming pool 25 × 10 m. A second 15 × 10 m designed especially for children. Playgrounds, trampolines, rocking animals, table tennis, mini-golf, and beach volleyball. 

Open: Mon-Fri 10: 00-19: 00, Weekend 09: 00-19: 00        

Entire Full Day: 120 CZK (70 CZK after 16:00) 

Family 2 + 2: 290 CZK (150 CZK after 16:00) 

Free: for children up to 100 cm

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